Saturday, 29 June 2013

A beautiful day for a party!

Oh Mother Nature I am glad you finally wised up and decided to do the usual scorching hot thing right around and on Canada Day, you're the best and my tan thanks you.

Patriotic flowers! I tried to not get the cigarette butts that someone had dumped into the planter

Mr.CreepyHead looking more creepy than usual

Purple helmeted!

It was a gorgeous day for a party in the park, even the mozzies couldn't kill the party

" Live Beautifully"

A random moth landed on me and the following pictures are by K.P who jacked the big mama jama then proclaimed "I don't even know how to work this thing!"

MVJ attempts to make some bubbles as captured by K.P

Fine bubble blowing form

"You gotta pucka up your leeeeps like deeeesss" *bonus points for the movie reference

Attempting the wave the wand in the air method

work it

Back to the puckered lip technique

You can *just* see that a bubble popped

Remember the rainbow cake from last year? This is this year's cake

Rainbow cake from last year to refresh your memory and tease your taste buds

 The camera in the hands of husband

I'm not crazy about this picture but whatever, loving me for me and embracing all the pictures good and maybe not so flattering.

This is new!! Interesting for a few reasons let me explain. I was unsure if this person was still putting up new things. I know this is new because I pass this AT LEAST 4 times a week. The old one said "hipster proof". It got tagged over by some random crappy tag that I see all over my 'hood. It looks like this person wanted their space back AND I believe him (yup, I am *fairly* certain it's a him) decided to add his own personal statement along with it. This stuff is wheat pasted on and wheat paste is basically fucking bullet proof.

* Set Pace * Orchestrate * Elevate * Beauty Over Cash * Style Over Everything * City Planning And Urban Development At Its Finest * Still Active * Still Growing * Still Ahead Of The Curve * Keep Training * Live From Downtown *

The old paper and fyi...when looking through my massive photo archive which is only sorted by date I guessed correctly what folder this picture was in on the first

 Signage for the upcoming street closure

Husbie spotted these lions that neither of us have spotted before. I think birds have made nests in their mouths

Someone had added to the happy little man

A wedding whip! The dude pumping the gas did not look enthused to be out pumping gas in the very very hot lovely weather in his wedding finery.

I am patiently awaiting all the Canada Day Festivities and the day passed without any fanfare but yee old bloggy turned 1 on June.25! A whole year, I am kinda shocked that it made it this far and I didn't get totally bored and abandon it...go me!

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