Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Flowers, shipping container bathrooms and squirrels OH MY! (photo heavy)

Why are you dressed in all black? who died and it's mid-freaking-July! I don't control Mother Nature, it's been freezing here lately and I love this hoodie! Outfit breakdown...hat: Nixon, hoodie: Fox (a billion years old), pants: Lululemon (studio II lined), purse: Guess, baby camera; Canon

I was out taking mad pictures of flowers and plants and green things!

Tiny pink cuties

The sun was perfect as I got to the English garden at park

See! Sooooo good and look a bee!

Awwww...I love bees!

Gardens in full bloom

A cute bunny

There was a whole section of cacti and succulents

This one was so hairy and weird (and out of focus)

I love love love lilies so much

And then there were these weird pods

I looked up after taking the 2 above shots to realize that there were tons of pods and they were all starring at me, I felt a little creeped out.

More but different pod things

There should really be a sign here warning you of your impending descent into the world of sculpture...a.k.a the Leo Mol sculpture gardens. Sorry Mr.Mol I am not a fan, but you are talented.

Ok this one made me laugh a tiny bit

really really ridiculously good looking

The animal ones are better than the human figures, although I love me a tasteful nude

The non-koi pond koi pond. If it was supposed to have fish, I didn't see any.

This one was called "wild pig with young"

wild piglet booties!

the setting sun in a mock forest setting

A squirrel and he was totally burying his nuts...its blurry because I had to zoom in so far but he had dug a big ass hole and was stashing something


The colors on these flowers reminded me of popsicles or rainbow sherbert

Tiger lilies, my favourite!

All photography was on the baby camera but I was kicking myself for not bringing the big mama jama

Pink lily

Cream and maroon lilies

Buttery yellow lilies (slightly swiss cheesed)

Some of the lilies were MASSIVE. This unopened on was almost 6 inches long

Hot pink lilies

Light pink and yellow...the sun had set below the treeline by this point so the pictures were coming out darker and darker

Accidental fish eye love

I had mostly given up at this point. The baby camera has limitations, it is amazing when it is sunny out but it's not so great past dusk...just like me!

Bitch, I got my ducks in a row!!

Mandatory to hit up the park before rolling out because this park, while made for kids, is amazing as an adult.

The disc swing! I love these things and would want one in any backyard I ever potentially have.


Feet but from a different angle this time

Dear Parents: Please do not dismember your children, thank you.

Frogs made of plants and flowers playing instruments

The baby camera failing to properly capture the ombre in the night sky

And now for...shipping container bathrooms

I love the bold graphic industrial ("industrial's so hot right now") look of these

In case you thought the shipping containers were anything but washrooms

Swanky interiors

Swanky exteriors. They were so modern and cool.

And so reflective!

From far back they kinda looked like modular housing or some weird experiment...rest assured they were 100% awesome for bathrooms made out of shipping containers

A church with a sense of humour!

Because I didn't get enough of flowers

Are these like *real* eating grapes or wine grapes? They were growing along some old man's front railing. I was scared he was going to beat my ass for being on his lawn but there were tons of bunches all over the place. I didn't think this was grape growing country? Anyone?

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