Tuesday, 30 July 2013


More random strolling from yours truly. Fringe is over and I am finding my calm caramel center...or something. I happened upon these on the bridge. It said "Under The Earn Churle"...I have absolutely no idea what that could possibly mean.

Contrasting shrubberies

Is that some kind of creepy bug (possibly a ladybug?) on the maroon coloured leaves? I am *just* noticing that now.

I found a decent sized garden on the Legislature grounds. I spied tiny sweet peppers

Tomatoes, none of which were red, but lots and lots of green ones.

There were beets too! I only recently started loving beets (nomnom's balsamic beets...Husbie makes them for me...ain't be a beet peach?

More of these flowers except it was pretty windy when I was trying to take these pictures

A cute MothMan label art thingy

Another lost bike! I am pondering sending my condolences again like I did last summer.

"SOFT SERVE"...bahahahaha. So digsustingly adorable!

Sunshine lollipops and rainbows...

A rather cute hand drawn illustration tell people not to litter

Winner for best shot! This was right near the bottom of a door, a door that probably got kicked whilst someone was drunk is my best and probably accurate guess.

And I shall let the inner peace cat out of the bag, I am back at yoga! Yaaaaay! I am so happy to be back with my sangha and I am really in need of some calming and centering in my life which yoga always gives me. "Make time for yoga and yoga will make time for you"

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  1. Hi:

    How are you? I see that you have stopped all of your healthy eating and just getting back to yoga. What happened?

    I am so proud of myself for keeping with my healthy eating program that I don't think of junk as part of a staple in my life. Although I had to very careful with my eating before.

    Hopefully you can get back on track and take care of yourself better.