Monday, 22 July 2013

Fringe 2013

It's that time of year again...FRINGE! The Winnipeg Fringe Theater Festival more specifically but just Fringe 'round these parts

 ....but first, the after math of a summer storm

I had coffee at the fancy fancy new coffee shop in the area that K.P and I called as being the new "Village". Give it 10 years and it will be the new "cool" area. Either way I love it and the coffee here is fantastic. Ground to order, no weird shit. I had a black Americano and it was heavenly! I didn't get any pictures of the interior or the amazing art on the wall but I will for sure be back.

I got my hairs done! Reblonded and a pinup style hair do of this is best picture I have of it...I suck.

AND THEN WE FRINGED! Ok...and then we sat in the beer gardens and FROZE OUR ASSES OFF on a night in mid-July. It was single digit temps by the time it got dark...ridiculous!

Not as drunk as he is making himself seem

Hilarity of proportions I don't even remember

An impromptu tiny shadow puppet show, it's Fringe anything goes!

Awwww loverbirds!

Hahaha the look on B Money's face and it appears that Husbie is two-fisting beers

I take a picture of you taking a picture of someone else

This dude totally freaked me out and was promoting some Hamlet in the back lane thing, I had consumed too many beers to remember exactly what he was talking about

Mostly because I was so focused on POUTINE!!! omg.... Smoke's I love you. Silly men waiting for their Canadian delicacy.

K.P smart phoning it up


I had to go up on my tip toes to write this as there was no more free space

 It was sooooo warm in Smoke's and it smelled amazing, I didn't want to leave.

BEHOLD! Bacon cheeseburger poutine, oh god I wish I was eating this right now...nomnomnom

We headed back out the following day for more daytime Fringe action. Sidewalk chalk art love...I didn't do this, but I could have and I am reinspired to put chalk in my purse and communicate with the world. Husbie offered his own feet for the shot. Those are Sanuks and they are amazingly comfortable. I basically forced him to buy them and he's glad I did. This is as close as he gets to flipflops.

YES x 10000000

Hahaha bitches!

 Wedding car looked like it had a moustache

I love the contrast of green and the coppery colored trunk

Fringe evidence!

We hit the packed square on a fantastically beautiful Saturday. Most people were enthralled with the free stage performer, so much so there was no where to sit! I spied from afar.

Someone was taking pictures of her and she posed so nice then this douchenozzle's head got in my perfect shot...what a shotblocker! and can you see the Habanero Sombrero in the background?

I lol'ed when I saw this, no one escapes gravity's oppressive regime!

Acro leg kicks. Husbie swears she was here last year but I have no recollection of this

Street art, literally art on the street and I have never seen one of these actually be done

Hahaha....clever man

The wishing well

WEAK SAUCE! I have been informed by K.P that she will be stealing my pictures to add to her Fringe project for a good friend who can't be here to partake.

Chalk art advertisements...and feet of course

The grand finale...those 2 poor suckers were roped into being her minions for the show, poor suckers.

K.P and I checked out a show called "I love you, you're perfect now change". It was a 75 minute musical about relationship between man and woman through dating, marriage, babies and getting old...all sung. A 4 person cast (2 male, 2 female) and one amazing man on a piano. I lol'ed at more than a few spots, the songs were well written and one of the ladies had a beautiful voice. I was super entertained, thanks to K.P for grabbing my tickets and spot in line. We both highly recommend this one.

K.P turning off her phone like the polite Fringer that she is (it was a packed house!)

T.T attending Fringe in spirit...bahahah "Todd's ennui is harshing my buzz!"

 And now for some architecture shots

Husband wanted the little edge of that ornate cornice/crown molding looking stuff

I am hoping to check out Taxidermy soon, K.P and I are going to see another show on Wednesday night and I would like to check out at least one other show before it's all over on Sunday. Ahhh, I am the time management queen!!

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  1. Some of those photos with me in them are rough. I've got such hard lines in my face. Age is not coming upon me gracefully.