Saturday, 6 July 2013

A July kinda thing

Do you ever feel like something bad can motivate you to do something better, be something better, or even just plain kick you in ass? I'll be nice and vague but I am kind of at that spot right now. I am the mother fucking butterfly!! I also worked out worked out today for the first time in a few months. I have been staying slender through stress which is never cool but I really do have a lot on my plate now I am trying not to be hyper critical of much because I am frail and as Husbie would say "I have sensitive feelings" now. It felt great to workout and I am seriously wanting to be back on that wagon. I have lost some of my precious muscle but nothing that can't be regained!

Alright enough of me droning on about that, check this out! a fish fly on the wall

A forest green bike with bright pink accents! You know I am loving the bright pink accents!

I have wanted to get new red grips for Drake for awhile now

Cute pink bike lock

A boys bike locked up right by green and pink


There were 4 bikes chained to this tiny fence

I spy a BRAND NEW manatee! Chillin' with KUSH. This is new within about 6 days of the last time I photographed this box. I like how he is politely just added to what is there. I think the manatee is someone else and I have no idea what tagging "rules" and "ettiquette" are but I think that Mr.Manatee is being courteous (opps, just assumed he was a dude...I bet he is)

"our love"

Another one with the very old cat

I used my super fast ninja mongoose skills to kill this fly WITH MY BARE HANDS!

Can you make out what it says?

(this bro is getting me inspired)

Obligatory foot shot

Check out my cute little bunbuns, it was sooooo freaking hot. It's so nice to get all of this hair off my neck for once

All the lilies are starting to pop up

FINALLY! All the fencing has been taken down from in front of the condos that were made out of an old church and my first chance at getting these 2 corner stones (I love the implication and message in them...truth and love are the corner stones of life, in case you didn't get it)

Pink flowers are always fun to take pictures of

Picture me strollin'!

Secret hidden patio...being advertised on a sandwich board on the much for the secret allure of it all (FYI...I have eaten on this secret patio before and it is rather secluded and nice)


A custard yellow Duster with matching rims....LOVE!

K.P brought over her Fringe guide and we tenatively planned out what we are going to see together this year....EXCITED! We are going to see some cool shit this year!!

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