Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Food truck lady lunch date. I took the lovely Miss.Michelle to dine at Pimp My Rice (Roddy greeted me with a "long time no see!" haha can ya tell I frequent it?) This was her delicious lunch I forget what it was called but mmmm meat on a skewer. I had the tocino...again.

Then out with my girl, on our bikes, on a beautiful summer night...well life just doesn't get much better now does it?? Smiles from me and I love the face K.P is making

Look at our matching sticky out tongue faces!

Red brick house with mint green trim was SOLD! I don't even want to guess for how much. Look at the detail in the brick work between the second floor windows.

I waited patiently until I knew I would be shooting directly into the sun, taken from on the bike one handed while riding

BunBun! can you see him?

We were spying on the bridge construction...soooooo slow! but they are definitely closer to the shore on either side than the last time that we were down here. We are not hopeful that it will be open for us to use this year.

"The Grouchy Possum"

More of the BunBun, K.P was slowly creeping up on him to take a picture

Flowers! At this point the baby camera indicated to me that it's battery was dying and that the memory card was full so I was working with that AND I forgot my bug spray AGAIN! I have a million mosquito bites and if I don't die of malaria or west nile I will be surprised!


Purple flowers that looks like they could be tiny fairy hats

K.P made an off color sexual joke about the flower

Exactly what I was going for, pink flowers with K.P's head poking up over the top of them

This boulevard was a crammed full of stuff and junk and flowers and junk

I wish this was clearer!! but I took this totally blind and just stuck the camera all up the flowers business.

Attempt #2

"It's bad karma to steal flowers"

Old buildings, big trees, summer sun, bike rides...these are a few of my favourite things

Creepy cute "weedeater" poster

This year's Fringe poster


An insane garden that I will be back to photography with a working baby camera at the minimum and maybe the big one. The battery was on it's last legs by this point and macro flowers pics take a lot of focusing and refocusing which zaps the battery

For example it didn't have enough juice to focus on these poppies (also mozzies were HORRID...they are amazingly terrible this year!)

Bigger brighter things are easier for the camera to focus on

Wild grass things that look like horse hairs

Winner for best picture of the night...on a mostly dead battery, I RULE!

Everything after that last picture looks like shit

We found an apple tree, we'll be back apple tree!

Shame these ones are blurry too, I love the constrast between the curvy colorful flowers and the thin wispy grass thing

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