Wednesday, 31 July 2013

LadyBiker date and garden goods

More strolling out and about. This fall-esque weather has been a nice change from the very hot but the not so good for going to the beach or the pool

Someone was apparently offended by muffins. It took me awhile to figure out what it said but I got it eventually "Fuckin Stupid Bitches"...poetic really and the way they used the 2 lines used to strike out the other person's lettering as the vertical bars of their "H"...clever.

 Visiting Indiana at her new digs. I dig her new digs and am actually kind jealy!

I haven't had a sun room in forever!

Sexy signage outside the sex shop adult boutique

Free bicycle maintenance for chicks! I missed the first one but I would like to go to the next 2. I have no idea about bike maintenance and I am *pretty* sure I messed Drake up like 3 weeks ago on a vigorous ride. It feels like the resistance has been turned up on him.

Spppppppppeeeaaaking of sister cycle...hey sister soul sister, gonna rides our bikes sister!

Biking on the sidewalk?! How scandalous! That is my saucy one shouldered shirt from last summer and check out my buff other shoulder...yeah muscle.

On the "secret" river trail to the garden

Picture me rollin'

In the green garden I spied corn, the very early hints of corn


gourd flowers or what will hopefully be pumpkins


Pea flowers?

Spiny mini cukes, cats "something" got into the cucumber plants

I convinced K.P to pull up just one carrot to eat. BEHOLD baby carrot! It was fanstastic.

We also ate a few sugar snap peas too

 Hello peas, you're looking delicious!

Greenery with K.P tending to her garden in the background

Eeeeppp, there are so many of these cute curlicues and I am *just* now seeing that random fly

Let there be pumpkins!

Spicy oregano lookit the tiny hairies

Thistles with ant


These clue but they looked cool and were just growing in the backlane

Losing light by this point. It was painfully obvious how fast the sun is setting now, the good light is gone by 830 :( waaaahhhh not ready!!

Creepy vines

More lilies. These are the ones that are sprouted up everywhere like weeds in cracks where they probably shouldn't be growing. I am assuming these are more like a wild lily and the colorful ones are more of a...ummm...."cultured" lily since the leaf patterns are quite different

Dark daisies

Faded paint, rusty knob (teehee) and a painted keyhole

Mount up woman!

The sky was amazing last night simply stunning!

This shot was NOT the shot I wanted...all sorts of things went wrong but such is photography while you are riding a bike. One shot is often all I get for some things.

The setting sun all reflecting off the green leaves and looking spectacular and shit

So gorgeous and we were in the sun the whole time right up until the end

The clouds were making it seem like it poured somewhere and it probably did because we saw this glorious rainbow!

Then I had to fetch my gift for K.P. She expressed a like for my "hyperthyroid animal pen" so while I was killing time for Taxidermy on Sunday I went a picked up a small gift for my love because she really does a ton for me (love you!)

Bahaha, this never gets old!

K.P and her new treasure looking a little similar, nice crazy eyes lady! This was the only cat one of the lot, the rest are of course she got the "pussy" pen (teehee again)

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