Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's poppin' (it's poppin')

July has started out scorching, I LOVE IT!! My tan is getting fabulous, my air conditioning works is good!! My strolling continues and I am enjoying every moment of it. Another Manatee lover! He's wheat pasted on and someone has tagged over him. He is sort of new too because is over top of some pole tape which is probably less than a month old...dare I say the artists are slowly returning?

FRINGE POSTER! July 17th Fringe starts and man am I excited. K.P is even more excited than I! I will not go see this french play though, sorry dude!

Out riding with Drake, check out the cutie braided pig tails, my new blush & lippy (see below for more deets!) and I finally used the extra hook on the back of my bra that is meant to make your straps not show when you wear a racer back. Normally it just gets in the way and rips out chunks of my hairs. Check out my tan!

The man that lives here makes these HUGE wooden animals they are so freaking cool!

If I had a cabin of my own I would totally want a huge moose or something (yes, I know this is a deer and can you spy the dragon?)

Want a giant yard animal? Get at this man!!


sweet old truck

Dark green, light green

FOOD TRUCK! I planned to meet up with my LPC for lunch at a food truck and as my luck would have it my fav Pimp My Rice was not out today but Little Bones was (MVJ is not a fan of wings)

The Habanero Sombrero was too! (picture from a few months ago)

 TACOS! and Ooo la legs in the reflection

Sauce much as I like pineapple the pineapple salsa was not that good and for as much as I HATE mango, the mango scotch bonnet sauce at Modern Taco Company is amazing!!

I got 3 shredded beef tacos LPC got a mix of chicken and beef then we had a picnic on the grass

GUAC is gooooood. I am pretty picky about the guac I like but this stuff was delish!! I ate it with chips, fingers and blopped it on my tacos...yeah blopped is a word.

This is the camera that I am NOT keeping so as I can get my hair done to cover my crazy roots and get a trim (July 19th, Amy I'm coming!). I bought this dude when I thought my baby camera was pooched. I reaaaaaallly want to keep it but I really want to get my hair done and I really do love my baby camera and how I can fly through the setting because it's like second nature. This dude has wifi...which probably isn't that cool since I don't do the Twitter or Instagram (ughhhhhh hate!)

I spied a building on fire from the corner of my eye

And now for some shit that I haven't blogged about in! Like most things in my life my love for something is cyclical. Sometimes I do my make up more often than others. While out with friends this weekend I was made aware of the fucking amazingness that is light up pH lip gloss! you know of such things? You should! I scoured the new Shoppers massive make up section to find this!

But it was attached to a pH blush...that was also on sale...and it was the only light up pH lip gloss in the whole freaking place...I bought it, I love it, it's awesome!

 Mutha fuckin light up lip gloss! (ignore my chipped polish, it gets changed)

Built in side mirror, they thought of everything!

The brand (no, I was not paid to say amazing things about this lip gloss it just happens to be amazing)

Ignore my unimpressed face. It goes on mostly sheer but changes color in about a minute. It's a pretty bright pink on me. Great for when I am tan, probably not good when I am winter pasty.

lip shot fail but hello sexy shoulder and jaw line!

The blush also lights up too, so fucking smart!!

My nails were gross (yes, thank you for noticing!) so they got a redo with the minty green from last year. I love that pastels are in!

Moving on to smelly things. Do you have a dedicated smell or do you like to mix it up? I typically prefer body spray to perfume or the strong heavy stuff. I like it light and I like to mist myself all over like a smelly plant. I bought this Calgon and I fucking looooooove the smell, super light and clean smelling.

I have been wearing this for a few months and Husbie really likes this one, it's supposedly pomegranate and lemon verbena. I think it smells like sexy candies.

I bought this one because I was looking for the spray that I used in the summer of 2002, the summer AFTER Hawaiian Ginger ruled and all one could smell in the washroom of TYC (R.I.P. TYC!) was Hawaiian Ginger. This isn't exactly the same, mostly likely a slight reformulation but it will do.

I also wandered over the expensive section of the Shoppers where they have the perfumes and fancy skin lines. I sniffed a few and no joke, this is the nicest one....mother.fucking.Justin.BEIBER! It's called "girlfriend" and it smells so good...damn you Beibs!

I also bought some tiny hand sanis awhile ago from BBW 5 FOR $5! I don't usually like this stuff but I love they way they smell when they dry and it's good to keep a tiny one in my purse. I also switch them when I get a little bored of the smell but the black lidded aromatherapy one is my FAV! From left to right the scents are...manly cologne, cookies, teeny perfume, coconut and floral.

I also have this super pimpin' like holder for it too...bling bling! and fyi I NEVER wear it on my purse, it just lives inside.

 I *had* 3 Baby Lips and now I have 2. I went to gather them to take the picture and could NOT find the lime and purple colored one anywhere! Believe me, I obsessively tore the apartment apart looking for it. The only thing that I can think of it is that is must have fallen out my purse sometime this weekend...bummer!

I was handed this cd on Canada Day by some dude standing on the sidewalk. We tried to listen to it in the laptops and it wasn't working so we'll have to dig out the actual cd player but I did hear a base line and it sounded like rap so it might be worth it...or it might be total shit...either way I am keeping an open mind.

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