Thursday, 25 July 2013

More Fringe!

Long live the food truck! I have slowly been eating my way through the food truck...more like eat at Pimp My Rice, eat at a new one, eat at Pimp My Rice, eat at a new one. I knew the next one I was going to try was going to be the wood fired pizza. Yup, an wood burning pizza oven is housed in that truck. I forgot my memory card at home so these are cell phone pics (and they are pretty damn good!)

The Red Ember

Behold the classic...pepperoni and mushroom. It tasted fine but for what you get and how much you pay, PMR gives you waaaay more food. Husbie and I split this as a snack and that is no cheap snack! I wanted to try most if not all of the food trucks but every time I do I feel like I am cheating on mah 'Rice!

More daytime Fringing! It's almost over, it all ends on Sunday and then 2013 Fringe is in the books. I am hoping to make it out to at least 2 more shows. Wooden block art in the Exchange.

Posters, posters everywhere! That creepy looking mask on the bottom right is the best show that K.P has gone to see, it's typically awesome every year and she said that this year was no different.

Remember this? Mr.Pretending things are a cock has a new show and he is so clever he reused his poster idea for this year's show. I asked Jon if his dad is really dead and he said it's like a Schrodinger's cat kinda thing.

Beer garden bitches...don't ask what K.P is doing because I will tell you! She was trying to cram poutine AND butter chicken which was just in a styrofoam bowl into her purse so she could take it all home...ON HER BIKE! I have no idea how that ended. I hope deliciously.

A perfect afternoon and the back of rather cute dude's head as we drank beer and watched the free stage.

These guys were a strength-acro act from L.A and they were great!

That guy could do amazing things in that hoop that weighed 60lbs!

Then one of the dude's jumped over 4 and a half people squatted down (no action shot, had the slow baby camera with me not the big mama jama)

Crazy clouds, lots of potential tornados or at least small funnel clouds

It rained on Husbie twice but I was in a nice pocket of sunshine

 Same Fringe, different day

Mmmm beers

These guys again, I don't know what he is doing here

Alcohols and scare literature about Drugs. K.P took it to put in T.T Fringe project

T.T drinking by proxy

a happy man I left for whom ever sat at the table after we departed

Thennnnnnnnn since I was drinking I took a buncha bathroom selfie...shameless forever and a day

What we were there to see...Better than bong water. Slightly entertaining, a little heavier in spots (subject matter wise) than I thought but entertaining over all. That makes 2 shows so far, hoping for 3 and 4 would be awesome! K.P has seen about a billion.

Bathroom selfies hiding out in a pub bathroom afterwards, the show I could hear from outside was vulgar very very vulgar. It was J.Willamez!

I have definitely warmed to my glasses and I love them AND I can actually see which is rad (who knew!)

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