Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Out on a Drake p.2 or wind = blurry pictures

My poor bikeboo was missing me so we had a little night out. I biked down to the community gardens...holy crap! The plants have been loving the sun and rain, everything is massive! Remember the baby lettuces? Behold very large delicious lettuces!

 Baby 'maters

I spy a pumpkin flower

There were 2 sunflowers on the end that were totally dead and wilted and a line of about 7 others that looked healthy and fabulous!

Pea flowers slowly creeping up

I approve of altering stop signs AND eat meat!

Whizzing by a cemetery on a very very windy night

I headed through the Forks and as I passed one of the urban gardens I notice it had changed a little. The spray painted grass was only part of it! There are these strange little yellow tent things on each diamond

Strange, awesome, requires visiting with more friends and better sunlight. It was threatening to storm at least the wind and clouds made it seem like it

I knelt down for a picture and got covered in spray paint shavings and dead painted grass

The high wind made macro photography impossible...a total fail! I wanted the yellow mesh in focus with the bridge and the grey clouds out of focus in the background

Blurry flowers...and I actually held the flower for this one! disappointing for sure

This one turned out like I planned it

Mondragon the uber crunchy vegan restaurant and apparently grocery store now

A bike shop right beside it that I had no idea exsisted

The Fringe postering in the Exchange has already started!

K.P, I and a crew are headed down to the square on Friday and we picked a show to go see. This was our first choice but the venue is terribly located and interferes with our beer gardens/mobile beverages plan so we picked something really close to the square...BUT this MUST be seen!! I have yet to see a musical at Fringe and this one looks fucking high-larious. WARNING: subject matter, language and gratuitous mounting.....yessssssss!


 A hockey themed one

Yup, those be more of my feets...flipflops Roxy, capris lulu, tanktop cheapy brand from the teeny store

While taking these shots I was pestered by someone who wanted to know if 1. I worked at the pita joint (no) 2. if he could charge his phone at the pita joint (see #1) 3. if my name was Marlene (seriously dude fuck off!)

This is probably the one and only Fringe show that I want to see this year and will be slightly upset if I don't get to see it

I passed by the cool fountain at the library on my way home

THIS!!!!! I braked hard and doubled back for this. These were put up over one night in the Village about a month ago and the puns were all gone by morning and the whole papers were taken down by noon the following day so I never got a picture of them but here it is..."THESE ARE TEARABLE PUNS"...omg fucking love and I can only imagine how awful and amazing the puns were!

This was today's breakfast these bad boys. Mmm cherries....I forgot how hard it is to not eat your food when you are hungry AND want to take a picture of it...and also how shitty the lighting in my kitchen is...ick

 And then this plate of delicious, so freaking good...primal love!

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