Sunday, 28 July 2013

Fringe: the end

Sick of hearing about Fringe? Well it's all over now and these are the last shots of it. K.P and I headed down to the Exchange on another gorgeous summer afternoon. Main street was looking so hip and cool and this is right in front of the Woodbine!

Handwritten notes about lost objects

Postering for "Against Gravity" which was a cute shadow puppet play which followed the story of a snail, that's all I know. K.P went and said it was good. We pow wowed with the ladies after their show on Tuesday while waiting in line for poutine.

Inside MTC taking an interesting reflective shot with the little squares of glass.

K.P and I checked out "Circle" on her buddy pass because we had to use up spots. It got great reviews, it was funny, entertaining (see: gratuitous use of the word fuck and I heard cunt at least once!) buuuuut we both thought the hype was bigger than the show....eeeeppp. Still super funny, sold out, rave reviews and what not but it probably comes in at #3 on the list of things I have seen so far this Fringe (Taxidermy is #1 obviously!)

Some interesting sidewalk chalk show advertisement...YARN!



Delicious afternoon fare. I had 2 drink tickets to use up and I wasn't going to let them go to waste! This was K.P's lunch

Amazingly beautiful out

You got a fuck shit stack, a fuck shit stack...on top of itself!...wait what??

They close off a block of street and dedicate it to bike locks ups and street art! Take that vehiculars!

I didn't bring enough money for poutine which is probably a good thing (I ate poutine 3 times this Fringe!) so I had 2 beers and mini donuts

A random shot of my husband looking totally ridiculous. He said he thought I wasn't going to get the shot so that's why he made a stupid face...muhuhaha jokes on you Husbie, I got the shot! I call this "The Crab"

Some bad ass night sky action

And I went and saw Taxidermy...again. It was just as awesome the second time and worth the 4 hours I gave up to stand in line mega early for tickets that sold out in 5 minutes. Soooo worth it, so funny and awesome AND I remembered to grab a playbill this time...BEHOLD!

The 4 songs that sandwiched the intermission (an extended Christopher Walken voice over) Taxidermia, Worst/Best Day Ever, Big Gay Musical Number, I Want To Mount You were the best ones with the latter 2 being the ones I find myself singing the most over the course of the day.

Their thank yous

I had a tiny bit of time to kill between buying my ticket then standing in line for a good spot before the show started so I killed it well.

Behold...fro-yo...or "Frogurts" as the cup would have you believe. Insert your own joke about the frogurt being cursed here.

"But you get your choice of toppings!" I picked mint chocolate in honor of my mint loving husband (it was ok, I wish I had got berry something)

Spray painted grass urban garden, the paint is almost totally faded away.

My macro redemption shot

Can you see the time shroomies at my feet?

Me looking like I have no hairs chillin in a yellow thingy, not the greatest picture but SELF LOVE!

I visited the "grass humps" urban garden on my way home from the show. These little hanging balls had been added sometime in the past 2 weeks. Tufty balls.

The sod and grass seed seems to have taken quite well for the humps. They were more filled in and hairy then when they first went in

Grass in the evening sun

Fringe recap! I saw 5 shows this year, 2 more than last year. Taxidermy was my CLEAR favourite with I love you, you're perfect taking the #2 spot. Both were musicals and I am not really a musical person (Grease is awesome everyone loves Grease)

In order of viewing:

1. I love you, you're perfect now change
2. Better Than Bong Water
3. Taxidermy
4. Circle
5. Taxidermy

Another glorious Fringe in the books. Lots of fun but it does get exhausting after a week and a half. I know K.P is pooped. Looking forward to some calm, centering in the coming days "gimmie some inner peace or I'll bash your face in!"

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