Saturday, 27 July 2013

"I wanna mount youuuuu"

TAXIDERMY: the musical....FUCKING AMAZING. I have no pictures, I went by myself, stood in some drizzle and just barely got a ticket despite standing in line 15 minutes before tickets went on sale. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Probably one of the best things I have ever seen on a stage not just a Fringe but EVER aside from George Carlin, Skrillex and one amazing pole show at the Platinum Plus in Greenville N.C which I will never forget, but I digress. Go see it, I can't even describe it. I laughed and was horrified and very entertained from the opening number. The story was great, the songs were better, the Christopher Walken voice over was amazing and yes, the mounting...oh the mounting! I hear word that the 2 leads are only 17 which fucking blows me away because they are more talented (and good talented) now than most people will ever be...myself included. I want to go see this again it's *that* good.

Photos are from a bike ride 2 days before the festival started

I did however take pictures of some nice smelling natural bath products...Mmmmm

This was my favourite of them all and I don't use stuff in my bath other than epsom salts

I happened upon a roller derby...umm supply? store

This was thought a plastic theft door thing...they had roller skates, sock and other bad ass lady stuffs. Sadly, it was closed.

I wandered into one of the coolest stores at the Forks, Kite and Kaboodle...tons of cool things. I was looking for a pen. I found the newest book by my favourite modern day children's book author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. His stories and illustrations are whimsical, beautiful and adorable!

These book also looked like my kinda things

I love the layered colors in this skirt, jingly bra top optional

 I had time to kill so I spent some time seeking out a nice quiet undisturbed spot

And then I found a poster for a thing that might be a cool thing for me to go to. It took me over a minute to find the date for this on this poster. Dear so and so, MAKE THE DATE LIKE HUGE!

I spied a squirrel on max zoom, he was eating something

Out on a morning stroll I wonder what lies behind the pink door

Super cute bike lock up. So pristine I can scarcely believe that it has ever been used

Depsite the cool temps this week, the sun and rain has been awesome for the growing season

More 'shrooms

This is the cute pen I bought at the store with the kids books. The Forks is great for specialty stores but good luck finding a real pen there


The nail polish above is this nail polish, more of the same brand

Then I got this!! Cross border luvvvv from A.C! Right when I needed a box of love, one magically showed up (note: I had to take the little tag thing to the store to get it, I wasn't home when they tried to deliver not quite magically showing up)

This is apparently a Christmas present...why someone sends a Christmas present in July!! Thank god I read the card first that said the thing in the blue bag is a Christmas present before I tore into it.

An assortment of cute and delicious smelly things! *LOVE* The cashmere lotion is AMAZING!

A sweet to-go drinking vessel (how could she have known?!?) and this one is awesome because it actually seals tight, most of my other ones have a flimsy seal which is ok for just holding and walking but I need a tight seal for coffee or tea to put in my bag.

And very clearly *the* best thing in the whole package.....CRAB SHOWER POUF!

Well hello...Husbie said "You know you actually have to use it right?"...he knows me too well. I am obviously not going to use it, it's too cute to use although the pouf material itself is really soft compared to the one that I have now.

Thank you A.C I love you and I am working on your return package of "Canadiania Love"

Another Fringe date with K.P before the whole thing ends on Sunday....waaaahooo!

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