Monday, 15 July 2013

Cater-Butter soup! I am the motherfucking butterfly!

I'm doing it again...neglecting the blog and it's not for lack of content BELIEVE ME! Usually if I am neglecting the blog it's because my IRL life is getting squirrely and things couldn't be closer to the truth lately...but inspite/despite/happily because of all this I am still loving my life very deeply in a way I haven't in a long time. Alright I'll stop gushing and shit and get down to the business.

Someone is trying to trump KUSH

A million dangling sock monkies!

Eeeekkk cuuuuuute!

 Hey yourself

My sexysexy and his favourite very pricey shades

I see you there Husbie


I have no idea who owns and is running the cafe at the Osborne hotel now, it changed hands about a million times when I worked there. The people that are running it now seem to be awesome, have a sense of humour and understand their customers and location. Breakfast and beer "The F*ck Folk Fest" beer and breakfast special. Me thinks someone is sour they had to work over the festival instead of being there.


While picking up my new glasses at the mall there was a lily competition. I started taking pictures then I was told I couldn't take picture while they were judging...ummmm ookkkk so I just left, no promoting your lily organization for you!

But some of the lilies were beautiful

 I had an appointment with Dr.H, my first this year. It's been almost a year since I first went to Dr.H and my life is so crazily different than it was a year different!! If I didn't already have a huge phoenix tattoo I would totally get one. I liked this quote from a Time magazine article I leafed through while there.

Yeah...I am pretty sure Kawaii is like 25% of all the food I eat lately...SOOOOO GOOD!!

Pretty flowers on a gorgeous night

I love this one, I was sinking down in soft dirt hence the blur, but I love the blur and the colors!

Slightly better but now a mozzie was biting me!

More of these white things because I love them

A glimpse into my "desk" a.k.a the coffee table, this is usually how it looks when I am set up

Oh hello...that is a size small Helly Hanson, damn fucking expensive treeplanting shirt. It's so cold with the a/c jacked so I had to pull out some warm ass clothes that fit my skinny ass!  A week of workouts has me feeling jacked and awesome like why did I ever give this shit up?

Remember I said I got new glasses? Well I got new glasses! I freaked out on the day I picked them up because I thought I hated them. Well, I actually love lots and lots! YAY! Thanks to Husbie and the lady at the store for helping me pick them out because these were NOT my choice. They are Coach and Coach me no likey...but they are winners and yay for being able to see fine detail. I am spotting beards even more than usual!

A bike with colourful stickers

Trying to get a picture of him not looking like an adorable fool. He always makes this weird kissy face when he sees me taking a picture of him. I said I was waiting for him not to look like an idiot and this is the real smile I got ;)

The beats on satellite radio were SICK that day....muthafuckin' HARDWELL! I really did not want to get out of the vehicle the music was soooooo good!

GRASS! A backyard that is not mine but I would keeeeeeeel for nice!

Ain't life grand?

I spied some lilies on the back half so I went to investigate in the perfect evening sun

I sustained 3 mozzie bites in less than 2 minutes for these shots

Big ass crow above my head

Paleo breakfast!! working out needs fuel for life...and my mama bought me that mug that has precious black coffee in it...mmmm. Also my arms are sooooore from yesterday which of course is a very very good thing.hh

Awkward new glasses selfies with the big mama jama


I pulled out my most favourite shirt ever that was my daily tree planting shirt. It's ripped to shit but I will never get rid of it. I fucking love it and I wear it only randomly now because it's more delicate than lace.

My precious surprised me...with perfume...Justin Bieber perfume...remember I said I liked it like 2 weeks ago...awww he remember, then brought it home as a surprise...what a guy! Laugh all you want but I LOVE the smell of this stuff.

Dreamy old Biebs

I love the bottle!

Speaking of bananas...the only book that I have read in like 4 months. It was awesome and I highly recommend it.

Husbie also surprised me with a hippie headband. It will look so much better when my hair doesn't have nasty trailer park roots (FRIDAY!!!!!!)

Look at the cute little camera/star charm....ain't he the bestest??

Fringe starts on Thursday and we are making a mass exodus down to the Exchange for a show, beer gardens and POUTINE on Friday...expect drunken tomfoolery and lots of dark blurry pictures...yay!

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