Monday, 5 August 2013

Hello August

So it seems that the unofficial consensus is that July was fucking awful for the large majority of my Facebook feed and if you aren't on my FB, I probably don't give a rats ass about you. With that horrible month passed us, I am happily looking forward to August and it being much better than July. Go August, go August! In August Folklorama happens. I will be making my way FOR SURE to the Afro-Caribbean pavilion like I did last year...curried goat and beer!

Cute little sad girl sticker on a traffic signal box


I love this shot...Osborne Village, a manatee, a bus with a 92 citi advert on it and Osborne and River...reppin' da 'hood hard!

Purple glitter grips!

Lets consider July a speed bump in the year

roll over slowy

A tiny lady bug who did not want to be photograhed

Brain stickers...I have no idea what "zumiez" is, probably a band or something

I love these bubble mirrors and stop for a picture every time I see one

A nice city scape and the baby camera failed to properly capture the quality of the light

"not a bicycle stand"

Well well well, look what I found FINALLY! The blue sticks garden, the elusive garden #4 that K.P and  I were unable to find on our first trip out to the gardens

I stop for colorful flowers all the time

There is a family of ducks that lives at the library...a mama and 7 babies and they are often featured on the library's Instagram (as reposted by my friend, like hell I use Instagram)

In the 20 minutes I was sitting by the pond, 3 different groups of people approached the pond looking for the family. I directed them in the proper direction. Those ducks have a lot of fans.

Setting up for some MCing and some spoken word poetry by 2 amazing local guys. This was "Word in the Park" all coordinated by the lady in the red pants. T'ai Pu a.k.a PuConA was the MC in the yellow and he did a great freestyle with words provided by the crowd ("honesty" was the word I gave) and Nereo in the black and denim and his spoken word poetry was much more captivating for me.

I can't remember if it was K.P or Indiana who told me that recently they saw a man in a suit riding a long board through downtown. Sure enough, behold the man in the suit with the long board! Love it!

I had scoped out this event and even emailed the coordinator but Drake isn't really the bike that would be appropriate for this ride. *Maybe* one day in the future I will have another bike that could work (I have ideas floating in my head!!)

Someone is not a fan of Brent

I walked to PMR, again...I'll spare you yet ANOTHER picture of tocino but I do love the shadow that my skirt makes.

They are hard to see but you can just make out the line shaped clouds that looks like loveliness is radiating out of the south end of the city *cue angel noise*

Where the queen stays when she's in town...oh every like 15 years but the grounds are immaculately maintained in the summers

BBQ food truck!!!! This is the first time that I have seen this one out and I am vaguely remembering that this is actually a kick ass bbq place just outside the city...sooooo I have a new food truck mission.

Creative garbage placement which is dumb because there are garbage can every 10 feet downtown.

With my tocino I got a magnet. I believe I said "sweet ass" when it was presented to me with my lunch. It now lives happily on my fridge. I liked them on Facebook so I know there whereabouts. If you don't like them on FB which you should, you can call them to find out where they are going to be for the day (hint: usually on Broadway)

I checked out "First Fridays" downtown for The Dark Arts show which was really good. Lots of interesting art, some great photographs and a huge tactile piece that we were encouraged to touch! Of course like all art shows I go see no pictures because it's a big ass faux pas to take pictures at someone else's art show apparently. So I just enjoyed the art and mingled with lots of cool people. I need to get out more like that and mingle with different minded persons. I snapped these on the walk to Indiana's...horray for nesty hippie hair.

Spider burrow!

Berries BERRIES!

Shooting into the sun love

An interesting print of Indiana's (she received, not made)


 I did snag 2 of these queer inspired post cards from the gallery and despite how beat up they look they have only been in my bag since Friday night! 

Apparently I tried to take a picture of this one but it turned out less than stellar and I am fairly sure that it says "you're my favourite lezzie"

We had lunch a Unburger with some family that we never ever get to see which was nice. This is what both Husbie and I ordered...the bacon cheddar with yam fries

My BIL got the Shang Hi

And my SIL got the Shang Lo. They both really enjoyed the burgers and fries *yay*

And did you see it in the picture of my burger above? My new to-go drinking vessel!!! I am in lurrrrrrve big time with this one kiddies...big time!

It's a bkr bottle which I had never heard of until I went to the big studio the other day and walked by their wall of cool things. I knew it had to be mine!

My yoga studio does Perkville points and I get 3 points for every class I attend. At 250 points you get a $25 credit to spend on whatever you want. I hadn't used any points from when I was going hardcore at the end of 2012. Thank god I didn't. This water bottle is amazing and it was basically free because of my Perkville points.

This is bottle is called "crush" part of their 2013 summer collection. Check em out at here and like always no one paid me to say awesome things about this bottle, it is awesome all on it's own and I probably need like at least 3 more (cleverly they sell replacement glass and lids but if you want a new colored silicone sleeve you have to buy a whole new bottle...clever!)

Also...check out my thing for July!

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