Sunday, 2 June 2013

June fabulous June

I swear I am going to be real pro-active with blogging (AND picture taking too!). Mother Nature for sure thinks my city is the unloved step child and treats us as such...hoodies and jeans in JUNE, smh. It was monsoon season last week (credit to the LPC), tons of rain no riding. These are from the week before, only a few. I have barely been out this year :(

I am back to doing my make up daily and doing my own nails once a week. These 2 are recent purchases. I have bought some other stuff but this is the only stuff that photographed. What's that you say? you are shocked I have purchased yet ANOTHER lip balm? Love this, going to buy the pink punch flavour.

yellow yellow nail it! This brand is awesome

More adventuring around

 I spy a parking ticket

No deserve it asshole

Jazzfest! I NEED to be going this year

Super creepy headless doll in the park and my cute toes

 One lone red flower


Indiana and I went to a snyth show at a divey bar and I am now in love with one of the groups...Ghost freaking good. Find them on Soundcloud HERE...I have been listening on repeat.

AND tomorrow....a post recapping PRIDE 2013 (*love*)

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