Friday, 28 June 2013

On the eve of a birthday (or 2!) and fungus among us

I'm here I swear I am! Life has been crazy and I have also forgotten my camera AND memory card at home more than a few times...I suck, I know. But I have been out and have taken a few pictures and I am on the eve of epic picture taking...a special birthday and the birthday of my beautiful country ( 1876 1867 wut!) with expectedly hot temps...woo!

It rained for 4 days, some places got lots of rain. Calgary is like half underwater...poor Calgary. Mixed in with the rain are full humidity days with clinging gross heat...SUMMMMMAAAHH! Yoga tank tops aren't just for yoga but hot days too!

More work on the new Shopper's

My guess is it will be totally done before September. It has been pretty nice most weekdays so they get a ton of work done on it everyday

Check out this cool ass mushroom. More cool is the way that it is growing

So freaking cool, it is growing in between and around this fence

Insert joke about mushrooms being fun guys

Foot shot with fungus

A hedgerow and my knock off sunglasses

Whom could this be??

MOAR FUNGUS! I am guessing the weather has been perfect for them and there has been enough dead things for them to feast on since mushrooms are decomposers. While treeplanting, some mounds would get crazy brain looking fungus on them and they could get HUGE!

I spy a tiny black bug on a large yellow fungus

I did not authorize this picture to be taken and actually there were some that were much worse than this one

toast <3

Not my legit, expensive, heavier than I thought they were going to be RayBans

Kawaii and the post it note wall, I just can't stay away! Where ARE dem bacon pancakes at?


Slight vomit inducing from this one...

Oh god, the matching one to the one above whom I am guessing was written by Nolan

"Crepes not Creeps!"

A Jackalope?

The inside of the old Papa George's building is totally gutted. Apparently a cool local restaurant is opening a second location here...sweet for local, corporate.

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