Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Out on a Drake

The sun is out, my mood is up, everyone is out and about and enjoying all the summery goodness, except this dude. His ride is majorly busted.

The post office sign has gone up outside the new Shoppers. I have yet to use the swanky new post office but very soon! The large mostly glass section is the elevator shaft.

I dare you to find fault with this picture!

Can you see it? Can you just make out the super creepy??

Over 30 feet of massively over grown unruly hedge

Lone lilacs

Awwww love....spray painted on a rock. This is new as of a couple days ago. I took a picture of Husbie on that same rock just before the weekend and he said it wasn't there at that time.

Awwwwyeeeaaah white party at the park yeaahhh

 Drake and I headed out for a lovely pedal around in the almost-solstice sun. MORE CONDOS!

Tulips....never to be confused with 2 Chainz whom I adore more than these flowers.

The preciousness of this little sign is too much!

Drake's presence in the background was totally unintentionally but 100% awesome

I *HAD* to take a picture of this bunting. I couldn't pass it up. There were people sitting on the steps of the house so I politely asked if they mined if I took a picture of their bunting. I was given the ok and I used the miniature setting to keep them anonymous. Love the bunting with the church in the background.

An inner city high school FINALLY got their field and green space. That spot used to be a car dealership but was full with soccer practice last night.

This cutie was so awesome

Random veggie planters squeezed on to a chunk of green space beside a church....'maters!

Happy moustachie garlic man

The side of this house really spoke to me for some reason. The style of house of is strange. Low, brick built in the 20s I'm guessing. There are a few of them scattered among the standard 3 storey houses. The tiny detail on the bottom of the brick work where 3 bricks go vertical then horizontal...awesome.

Lay me down in sheets of linen

"Lovers Better Things" so true

A very strange little car

Amaz-balls. Someone totally did up this little garden gnomey to make him more eeeeeviiilll

A little Hunter S. anyone?

Work on the foot bridge continues. The bridge does not connect to land on either side yet and while there this time there was a super loud noise, like sand blasting or pressure washing or something was going on on the bridge. Fingers are crossed that it opens this summer for use. I am eager to try it out.

Hello my darling, you have a birthday coming up!

Googly eye

I miss how they used to stamp the name of the street into the wet cement and the strange dot or grid pattern of the old sidewalks.

Colorful flowers I almost jumped over a fence for until I realized I could just walk around. Work smarter, not harder.

Down by the river, I ventured down to the bike path, the one that I used all last year with no issue. This year it's been flooded out. During the day I saw some city workers hosing off the path. When the river receeds it leaves behind a thick like several to many feet thick layer of river silt. When it's wet it's sticky and gross but when it's dry it feel like soft powdery sand.

Perhaps my best shot of the evening even if it's a bit blurry

Listening to on repeat lately...Krewella Killin' It & their "fuck on me" remix of Knife Party's Fire Hive, a rad song on it's own also Headband by B.o.B and We Own It...yup, 2 Chainz mutha fucka! And for cool ass bitch tunes Azealia Banks specifically 212 and Liquorice (be warned: she says cunt a lot) plus Work by Iggy Azalea. Any and all of those will be good for sipping a bevy in the summer...unless you like shit like Taylor Swift, if so move along.

Also...I was partially joking when I said I wanted to go see Riff Raff but I have totally talked myself AND the Husbie into going. I am actually pretty fucking excited. Judge away bitches!

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