Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Riff Riff Riff Riff!

Awwwwwww shiiiiiiiit!

Monday night it went downnnnn. My future ex-husband put on a sick show. This is a horrible bathroom selfie well before midnight, well before I cut my foot on a broken beer bottle, almost punched a bitch and my boo poured liquor all over myself and the entire ridiculously rowdy front row.

It's not a great picture but this dude is carrying a rather large stuffed penguin which got to crowd surf during Riff's show (the penguin, not the dude!)

I believe this is 220, a couple of local MCs....they were ok

My darling being silly

This dude kept throwing up gang signs at the guys

 Deezuz who was uhhhh off his tits very sweaty

RIFF RAFF! <3 We were right up front, by the time he took the stage the club was a sweaty drunken mess. I was sober which meant everyone's shenanigans made me want to high five their face with a folding chair.

I like how you can see his grill shine in this one.

He is even more fabulous in person

 "LiL MaMa I'm sorry"

The best one I got of him after switching to the low light setting on the baby camera which the battery was almost dead on and I was so afraid was going to be toast because it was sooooo sweaty in my hands and it got liquor poured all over it. 

He poured Grey Goose all over the front row (some chick got it all in her eyes, what an idiot!) and sprayed everyone with Moet. My top half was classy and from the knees down I was soaked with cheap beers and rail booze from all the dropped drinks. Thank GOD Husbie talked me out of wearing 6 inch heels even if the flipflops meant I got a tiny cut on my foot.

Pics from the back by the door as I was leaving. It was about 10 degrees cooler only 20 feet away from the stage. My hair was totally drenched after the night. I cut my foot and my new bright pink bra bled pink all on to my white tank top from sweat and liquor....LM(f)L!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming... OH LOOK A BIKE! I stopped because of the cute banana seat. I had a hand me down banana seat bike when I was 8 and that summer the toy in the McDonalds happy meals were for Ghostbusters and I wanted the Slimer horn but never got it.

This bike/pedestrian cross walk is fucking awesome and heavily used during rush hour. I love seeing the line of cars and people waiting to cross...AND there is a section for people and a section for bikes...awesome!

Murals/pictures on the back of the new Shoppers

They appear to be photographs of my 'hood from back in the day. The 'hood is ooooold but I assume y'all picked that up. This is the old Osborne Bridge.

Does your local grocery store need this warning by the entrance? Doubtful

Magnifying glass right on the shelf at the new Shoppers for all the old biddies and their glaucoma!

Fixing the awful parking lot but it doesn't really matter since you are no longer able to drive through the parking lot from River to Roslyn


A nice hobo camping spot down by the river

A front end loader clearing all the river silt off of the area beneath the Legislature. The river is actually going down pretty fast and *maybe* the river walk will be open this summer, fingers crossed!

The bike path is almost fully exposed for use. There are still some spots with silt on it and puddles in low areas but I think this will be open in about a week.

The river levels and the massive amount of left behind river silt. It still needs to drop at least 6 feet to be even close to normal.

 On the bridge

A cloudy stroll on our way to grab lunch...from guess where!

Golden butt

A very hip looking man


No planter, Husbie made sure that I got the side with no planter...sad face indeed.

His royal hotness! See that to-go beverage container? He bought that for me AS A TOTAL SURPRISE! Thanks enabler babe!

In my 'hood there is a car co-op. Lots of people only need a car some of the time and this is a great way to love on the earth and also parking is a bitch in this area since most of it was built before cars as has just adapted to cars.

"Church is not to make you feel bad"...kinda seems like it might be if you have to put that on your sign. I don't feel bad that I don't feel bad about not wanting to drag myself out the house on Sunday mornings (I drink on Saturday nights!), dress up, fake it and pretend play nice with people I probably don't like while worshiping the invisible man in the sky...but if that is your thing, cool on me.

Oh hello lunch!

PIMP MY RICE! (pictures by Husbie)

Lunch of Tocino and Pancit, pronunciations provided for silly white people


Very excited about the goods and great shot Husbie (please note all my old make up and sweaty dried hair from the Riff Raff show)

Tocino, I covered the rice in the vinegar sauce

Pancit...I got this one for Husbie but he said he enjoyed the tocino too which isn't something he would normally pick.

As we were leaving one of the guys from the truck yelled out to me to hang on a second because Roddy (chef and owner) was making up something special for me (guess he remembered me from last week...awww :) I was presented with things that looked like lumpia but was really wrapped and deep fried jackfruit (kinda tastes like a firm banana). Very yummy and sweet of him to offer these up to us.

YUMMO! Check out the Pimp My Rice truck CLICK HERE FOR RICEY GOODNESS

The camera was back in Husbie's hands

Selfie with the 5lb camera which is probably why he is making this really cute little sneer/smirk since he is trying to look cute AND not drop the camera

Ombre purple shirt

My wonderful backside

He laid down on his back on the steps for these ones

ALSO! You may or may not have notice on the side bar but at the beginning of the new month I will offer up my favourite thing of the previous month.

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