Saturday, 22 June 2013


Happy summer everyone. I really do hope that y'all are having as good a one as we are. I've been going on and on about my awesome life but it got pretty funky again there for a little bit (April I am scowling in your direction!) Summer is inherently awesome but the vibe this summer is definitely different and I am loving it! Someone else apparently is loving it.

Manbeast RAWR!

At the park cooling off in the water on a FABULOUS June day

What is this? What do we have here? Snow? In June??'t just....ummm..."tree sex" all over the ground. I am reminded of a conversation LPC had with a beloved science teacher while having class outside one similarly gorgeous June about 14 years ago (fack!) "Mr.Brown, how do we know the trees aren't having sex right now?" Because this wasn't all over the ground that day.

Pouffy sexy tree fluffies

Gorgeous summer nights bring out the douchebags on crotch rockets (love y'all!) and the old dudes in the minty old cars

A sad abandoned bike

Backlane strollin' and due to the disappointing lack of art or even interesting graf anywhere I headed out determined to find something

I spy a pink sock monkey

Pizza Party!

This flat piece of metal is OBVIOUSLY a billboard/canvas for anyone who wants to use it

I don't know how old this is. I haven't seen any new ones of these lately but I ran my finger over it and it came off clean (had it been there a while it would have been dirty)...interesting

Occupy Dumpster

I love this Tough Frog and all I can think of when I see the sharpie handwriting is the cover of a Daft Punk album

Can you spy the traffic sign and if you can do you know what it is informing you of?


Inspired by the beans I left this random post it note on someone's car. I hope it at least made them smile a little

dreamy summer sun never gets old

Pretty little daisies

What do we have here? cute grip tape and....

O-M-G so fucking awesome. I politely dinged it once and laughed

  A crumbling old chimney as seen from afar

A camper toilet in the back lane

Cool mirror shot "...she do it like she do it in the mirror..."

I was having particular troubles getting these flowers mostly because stopping for more than a fraction of a second meant that all the mozzies swarmed you like the primal to a juicy steak. I need to remember to pack my non-poisonous bug spray for my walks now.

Fail 1

Fail 2

 Fail 3

Fail 4...I gave up

sigh, these stumps make me so sad

 A random clump of thistles

These people had a bright pink garden hose, awesome

summer backlanes

This is the same bike that I squatted down in a puddle to take pictures of in April

Super cute little vintage camper trailer *love*

A random back lane chair. The leather seat cover was all ripped and dried out so it was poking me in the booty as took this super amazingly flattering picture (ignore my squinty shifty eyes)

Ah yes, all the major religions...can you name them all?

Another chair but this shot isn't nearly as lovely as the first chair shot, they can't all be winners. Also the small bruise on my arm is the smallest of like 7 from having a drunken UFC match with S.W on Husbie's bday night. I have a MASSIVE ones of my forearms and shins....silly broads play fighting while drunk maybe not the best idea.

A treasure chest!

I had to zoom in pretty far for this one because I didn't want to be creepy but her pink hair and her black outfit were a great contrast and just as I snapped it the wind slightly billowed her skirt and Ooo la la it's rather sheer!

Fuckin' sick BMX bikes locked up outside the health food store. I need friends with these kind of bikes. A matte black one and white one with sweet blue rims! I am always so curious who rides the bikes I see locked up. My hunch is this is a couple and the white bike is a lady bike...just a hunch.

Check out this beauty! A Chrysler Monaco. I had to stop. I love the massive 4 door boats. This one looked very very loved and well taken care of and in this city that means this car is parked for about 8 months of year.

Interior pillow and trash can tells me a very old person own this vehicle and my Spidey senses tell me it is the original owner of the car who bought it brand new with cash in the 60s.

While politely looking in and admiring I saw this label on the dash "Changed to Kilometers July28/75 at 32385" I love that they wanted to note that very importantly on the dash

Beautiful styling, clean lines...I was smitten with the old lady

More old wooden and wire fences for my Mama

Self locking chute kinda looks like self looking chute because of the layers and layers of paint

Panda bear panda bear what do you see?

Ok I obviously stopped for the rims and very low profile tires, totally O.G and then I noticed the whip they were on...

My mother had the EXACT same car (body cream, top brown). It has the biggest back seat of any car I have ever been in. True story about that car (sorry in advance mom!) my mom went to Europe when I was in high school. I had a house party and needs to return speakers and empties the next day but my then bf who had been driving for 2 years REFUSED to drive my mom's epic beast of a car. I was 16 and had my learners and could drive with him but he flat out refused to drive the car. So ME with no driving experience had to drive this monster car while the bf sat passenger while we took all the empties to the vendor and returned the speakers. Thank god nothing happened to that car because someone had put a hole in the wall at the house party and I doubt I would have been absolved from 2 fuck ups. Sorry Mom!

To me this looks like a cat is farting a little happy cloud of love


Cute press on nails, too bad they are made for tweenie fingers

FREAKY! Caramel corn shapped into a corn on the cob shape...gross!

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