Monday, 10 June 2013

Just another day of you and me in paradise

I hope you're not sick of it yet because summer strollin' has just begun. And to answer your question yes, I do wear that hat everyday for at least part of the day. I now know why dudes love hats so much.

Check out this gnarly incoming storm. It totally skirted us, a few rain drops fell while the sun was still blazing. As such we stayed very close to home so as not to get stuck in a down pour.

Walk for something...looks like CancerCare Manitoba.

Not quite what I was going for with this shot

Cool ass clouds

Husbie encouraged this shot. This was the divide between the 2 cloud systems


Manatee lover! I was so pleased that those people were standing there and even more pleased that they seemed unphased when I squatted down rather closely behind one of them.


Riff Raff. Do you know who Riff Raff is? Some broke ass white boy rapper and I only know because I saw him on Ridiculousness with my other husband Rob Dyrdek. I very badly want to go to this "show". I believe Ghost Twin is also playing that night. Summer in the 'Peg.

Purdy flowers

The sunlight was so bright I was basically taking these pictures blind.


The love robot...awww, he's so cute

New condos that I know you are shocked are going in, or not.

Such a serious old beast

We look green and kind of unhappy although I can assure that there was probably some happiness going on in this picture.

Pitching a tent

A total pink'splosion!

Pink and love

Quiet You(th)

The strangest looking bison rendering ever

The last bit of sun before the dark clouds took over


Completely wrecking my shot of the green Camaro, love you husband.

It's so bubbly and curvy looking. Give me an old muscle car any day.

The wind had started to kick up and delicate flowers were flapping about, not conducive to pictures.

I wasn't quick enough with the camera but the dude on the balcony 4th from the top was standing right on the edge of the balcony with his robe flapping as he screamed something directly into the wind. Gotta love the crazy.

A different day but the same stormy weather. Check out that hail! I love summers storms and I love summer storms on the high up balcony.


The storm rolling out

It rolled out just as quickly and as angrily as it rolled in

The south end getting a soaking

hail ballz

It had stopped raining and the sun was shining again but it rained so much so quickly that the water was pouring off the building like a shower stream for a couple minutes.

Soooooomeone has a birthday soon. What is up with June birthdays. I am drawn apparently to Geminis because some of those VERY dear to me are not only Geminis but born within 5 days of each other. SHOTS!!!

I chuckled when I saw the bottoms of these cuties...good times indeed

There are 3 flavours of Baby Lips 2 outta 3. The other one is blue and called quench, maybe berry flavoured? LPC texted me after reading the blog about the Baby Lips telling me that she too is in love with the Baby Lips. Ladies (and dudes...everyone needs soft lips!) you've been filled in.

Do you remember last year when I bought a burnt orange nail polish that didn't look good on me because I am too dark so I gave it to K.P to try because gf is pasty. ANNNNNNNYWAYS she *just* tried it...what a gal. I got this text message (ignore the part about the fair)

" I dislike the orange polish. Too runny, takes too many coats for good coverage, and I'm not sure I can pull off the colour either. Did you go to the fair thingy today?"

I then asked her for photographic evidence of said hideous polish. A fail on 2 totally different skin tones. Booo.

She then told me she bought a polish that looked good in the store but when she got it home she said it was "orthopedic taupe" in color...bahaha so I am going to try it out and see if it is any better on a browner person or if it needs to be mated with the hideous-on-all-skin-tones orange.

Interesting finds from the grocery store. Whomever was in Kraft's test group for this product should probably die. Reminds me of the Simpsons when Homer says he's a male aged 18-40 everyone listens to me then he opens a jar of nuts and gum. Husbie said that they have to keep trying new stuff. This did not go in our cart. They had another one with cranberry something or other.

I truly love the generic line from the grocery store. it always has awesome stuff. I like the name of these buns and of course these did not make it into our cart.

I was unaware that Band-Aid was making designer Band-Aids but low and behold Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids at the grocery store. I have plenty of flesh toned and Hello Kitty Band-Aids. I am always trying to convince Husbie to use the HKones. He always declines...maybe I will hide all the normal ones. These did not make it into the cart either.

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  1. Love the bandaids!! i was walking around trying to find a pedicure today in vancouver but being super posh and refusing to go in unless they had a vibrating chair... sucks for me cuz i did not get my nails did! see ya this weekend/next week sumtime!