Friday, 7 June 2013

Those summer nights are callin'

The art, it's slowly coming back! The chilly weather I think has everyone waking up to summer sloooooowly which is INSANE because solstice is in like 2 weeks....HOLY POOP!

I guessing that this is the "LONEWOLF" from last year. I totally want to do more of my own random arts this summer plus my usual post it note projects.

Standing in a sketchy spot, but the Papa George's building in the distance has finally be leased. So curious as to what is going to go in there, probably another restaurant.

 SEX!!!! oh wait....just haircuts....speaking of which I need a hair cut and root dyeing. I am not waiting until January like last year!

MORE FREE SHIT! One of the perks of living in a big ass apartment complex is that people are kinda in a rush when they check their mail and throw out anything that isn't a bill or a piece of real mail. Recall the Frizz-ease sample that was in the trash last summer. I have no qualms about rummaging through the trash and something caught my eye. No, the razor wasn't in the trash but a coupon for a FREE $20 razor was. I believe the word I am looking for is yoink. I shavevibrated all my leg hair off and as a bonus if I ever misplace my little bullet I don't have to use the electric toothbrush anymore ;) THAT WAS A JOKE...or was it??

More wandering

The taggers are back and so am I!

This one turned out way better than I thought it would for being kinda off balance squatting down in a skirt that probably was not meant for squatting. This apartment block is supposedly mega haunted.


So here is the new Shoppers. It's open on the inside and it's pretty cool. It is their "model store" the way all their new cool stores will look. It's the first one in Canada and I have been enjoying all the tradesmen eye candy. They are redoing the outside of the old part and the inside is totally gutted (it's impossible to find anything in there right now because of the renos)

So my baddest bitches were debating the merits or demerits of tank top of course that's ALL I am seeing while I am out now and I personally don't think the look is hot unless you are tattooed and buff. The hipster, Tom's wearing dude in a tank top...ewww (on the baby camera, max room in bumper bumper to rush hour).

 This picture has just jumped into my top 5 favourite pictures of us ever. I FUCKING LOVE IT!

Just to be clear this is my most favourite picture of us ever ever ever circa 2007...look at the tiny ears!

Crazy rainbow monkey YOLO!

Another manatee! That makes 4. Maybe I need to make some wheatpaste again...K.P you down? ;)

I love these kinda me, so near to my heart, so home

A tiny hobbit door with amazing peeling paint

I was on FIYAH that night, the light so was nice. Feels good to be back out, camera in hand.

A window?

Nope, just multi-layed spray paint stencil graf

A huge excavator randomly parked beside someone's house


I climbed up a sketchy gravel pile for this shot

Shoes on a wire and check out that soft fading light, dreamy

Off to Kawaii for a crepe. I checked out the wall and was shocked to see this was still here! This is mine from last summer. I checked my purse but there were no post its or a sharpie so I could add news ones...bad form MVJ, those are required. Time to stock the purse.


Cartoon crepe man, I like his squinchy eyes

Road tripping across Canada? Stop for a crepe! This hilariously reminds me of how when we were in Colorado we tried to stop to find this little homemade mini donut place in the mountains. Disasterous! Needless to say there were no mini donuts (T.M I am giving the stink eye in your direction!)

I love the style of this little doodle

Fucking delicious! Osborne Branch (chicken, bacon, sauce and cheese I think) plus I added avocado which was totally the right fucking choice. NOM!

Remember that sexy photo shoot with Indiana? Well the check out her man's Etsy site for the corsets that were modeled THAT HE HAND MADE! Go HERE! and here is a sexy moi ooo la la. Photography by Indiana, corset by Maton Design...everything else was mine but the dead animal which I named 'Fred'.

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