Sunday, 9 June 2013

Choose your own adventure

I'm back bitches! Friday night bike riding with is very good. Remember that building that I snuck into squeezing under a tiny gap in the fence? The building is gone! Leveled. Nothing sits in that spot anymore except a big soil mec truck (had to ask husbie...he is the authority on all things underground).

Machinery and greenery

Name of the company welded on the auger. This company makes the holes that husbie then does his job in (the job he does in the city when he is not being an oil rigger)

Well hello, I didn't know I was showing that much cleav and that is husband's new Element hoodie that I have basically jacked for myself. It's so light and comfy.

 My dearest K.P

The sunlight, the green!!!

Such a gorgeous night for biking and just generally being out and aboot

The shot I was going for...but K.P still in the shot to the left of the tree. I hollered for her to move she did...

Awesome and you can see just how quickly the light changes at that time of night. I did change the setting to the miniature setting but those pictures are only about a minute apart

I wanted to head to the Exchange to photograph the architecture in the fading light. I am in love with these shortie sweats from the teenie store....$10! LOVE!

 I don't know what this thing is. I have photographed it before but I have no idea what it is.

K.P and I waited FOR-EV-ER for this shot waiting for a stupid car to NOT be in the shot

THE SUN! Dream-like, unreal almost

Drake shadow...yup I am smack in the middle of the road with 2 way traffic (check out the bike lane!) dangerously

This chunk of wall was BEGGING to be photographed as the warm night sun smooched up on it. No joke, this building blocked what little breeze there was and the sun was super hot. Boob sweat by the time I was done, legit. The fence in the distance is a patio of swanky new condos.

"help me"

Faded paint is one of my favourite things

I am alllll about the on-the-ground-little-bit-of-grass shots this summer. I am in the process of dreaming up some kind of summer project for myself. There was a distinctly musty smelled wafting from the tiny ajar door.

K.P is collecting something random from each of our bike rides this summer. This is a piece of light seafoamy green tile.

blue sky, old brick *sigh*

Oversized cowboy boots!

Bike lovers are bad readers

bad ass yo and I wanted a basket for Drake last year but I no longer want to fruity him up. He's badass fucking gangster and gangstas don't have baskets. Plus that little purse works perfect.

First Fridays in the Exchange. The Cre8ery was open for it. I need to check out more on what First Fridays is. Can you see K.P casually chillin' in the reflection?

I snuck inside for a few pictures. It smelled strange in the building, like old and musty but not in the gross-it-might-be-toxic-way that like hatch early smelled like.

I spy Drake chillin' in out front

The stairwell reminded me of an old subway station or prison bath room (movie reference only, never been to prison but I have been finger printed as an adult and mushotted FUN FACT!)

I am obsessed with feet shot lately

K.P's lovely booty

I bought Husbie bought a big ass white scratch lottery ticket. We buy scratch off every now and again and I have never seen this one. I did not win $500,000. I would have settled for a free ticket but sometimes I am easy to please....I said "sometimes".

Strolling in the sunshine with husbie, the sandwich board for the cafe was awesome... "herbal" treatment. They totally understand the neighbourhood in which they operate and their client base.

Pretty much no explanation needed for this one

Suntanning in the park, I look bald because I shoved all my hair up in my hat. A black shirt and hat were not the smart choice

Happy green things. I love when all the evergreens have their new shoots, they are so soft and smelly. I also love pulling the papery little ummm pod covers? (I bet they have a real science name) off the baby green.

Silly vegans, bacon is so yummy and the veggies are angry...the poor carrot.

SWAN PLANTERS! Say what you will about the tacky swan planters but when I was little swan planters bursting with lots of flowers lined one of the walks of my cabin. All planted with love by a kind kind soul I wish was still here to plant those flowers. So the swan planter holds a special place in my heart.

I think someone let a leprachaun loose! I know the Para Mix sign kinda looks like Lucky Charms but still!

Check out this sick bike!!! Husbie said it looks like an old propane tank, super fucking cool and do you see the person kinda lurching towards me? That is Indiana's friend, the one who HAND MADE all the corsets from the link I posted the other day. He said he was trying to jump sneakily into the shot. I didn't even notice him until I was done taking the picture.

Multi colored high toxic confectionaries at the grocery store. I would never eat one but they look pretty

Then I found these...marshmallows the size of my fist. Is this necessary?

Creeeeeeeeepy. I have never liked marshmallows. Only in RKT squares or the occasional s'more. I hate the texture, freaks me the fuck out and did even as a kid.

I spied strange little mustards. We bought the dill one for my dill loving husband and I want the other 2; Applewood smoked bacon and a spicy hot one. Husbie liked it because it didn't taste like mustard and K.P's K.S thought it was a little too dill-y for is taste. So if you love dill and mustard give it a go.

 And I leave you with this little bit of green in a sea of concrete

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