Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pride 2013 (photo heavy)

Ok so it's a day late but whatevs....PRIDE 2013! All the fabulousness my city has to offer and offer it did!

Blurry shot as we were walking to the parade route. I couldn't stop as I was at the front of a crowd of people so blurry is what you get but look at the blooming trees, the whole city has exploded with pretty tree blooms

Stood patiently waiting for the wind to flap it the right way.

The rally before hand. There was lots more people at the parade this year. It's getting bigger ever year and I LOVE it! Also the weather was gorgeous, cool for June.2 but not a cloud in the sky.

It begins!

Surely you remember these divas from last year right? K.P and I love them and so does everyone else!


So fierce!

The divas last year

TD Canada Trust...they had a massive crew, at least double the size from last year...awesome!

These guys OMG!

Bahaha they had cut one of those jelly balls in half and were wearing them on their heads...double awesome!

The sex shop

A QUEEN! I looooove queens!

Club 200

Diva Queen

Love is Love

Lady with a parasol

Pride is alllllllll about the tiny dogs, millions of tiny dogs

a fun twirly skirt

Klinic float

The golden girl throwing up a fake gang sign

I spy another queen!


Fame float

I thought this thing was kinda creepy

"If nothing changes, nothing changes"

Oh hello whom do we have here?

I spy Indiana on the CherryStems float!

The furries, there group was 4-5 times bigger than they were last year

Rollerderby! One of K.P's co-workers was with this group

Live music....yes please! K.P said the trumpet player was topless which she is but husbie missed it


More queens! I am sad I didn' get a good shot of the platinum queen, she was GORGEOUS!

Dudes on skateboards hitchin' a ride

CRAZY! I have never ever seen a bird furry before. She was insane looking and her mouth even moved

Haha this was random and I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that husbie took this one

After the parade we went home, rested, then headed out for the par-tay at the Forks. I was hungry so we hit up the food trucks. Corn on the Curb

 I had the Luchador...butter, feta and paprika, K.P had the Rooster...chilies and sirracha

Then husbie and I got tacos. The beef was better than the chicken

Cute sticker on the Japanese dessert truck

Of course they get all the attenshunz...DIVAS!

My very own fabulous

So much love and good times. I love PRIDE and I'm sure it will be even bigger next year!

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