Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Birthday Husbie

So my beloved had his birthday...on arguably one of the busiest nights of the summer. There was sooooo much going! UFC, WUFF, shows, parties ARGH! But obviously his birthday was the most important event to us. We lined up VIP and bottle service because that's how we roll (not really, he wanted somewhere to sit and you have to get bottle service to get a booth).

But before the club we did one of my favourite things, wandering and drinking! The crew rolled out.

Apparently B didn't get the white party memo....s'ok, I wore red too. Look how summery K.P looks. She said she was a 50s housewife, I told her to make me a meatloaf.

The night couldn't have been nicer. I swear....LM(f) my fucking life

Haha god lord this is only a foreshadowing


We attempted to hit up a bunch of places for a drink but because of the UFC fight EVERYWHERE was charging cover! Even our divey old bar was charging cover! We ended up a Unburger (local lovely animal filled burgers...suck it Boon!) By this point I have already omitted SEVERAL more than questionable photos.

Yeah, all the shots we did before leaving the house had started to kick in and we were the loud drunken  people at the burger joint. Aren't we just the classiest? Happy birthday babe!

B Money looking rather UFC himself

Order marker...pony bitch!

Hey girl. Husbie didn't really know about the R.G memes and I heard one the other day that I hadn't before and it is probably the worst one ever "Hey girl, do you like my shirt? It's made of boyfriend material" *barf* I am probably the only warm vagina that doesn't moisten for R.G. y'all can have him and his sweater made of boyfriend material. So since discovering the R.G memes we now say absolutely ridiculous ones to each other like "Hey girl, is there something between us or is it just this frisbee?" which makes for hilarious inside jokes.

Flashin' the plastic

And apparently the abs...this was just the beginning of various flashed body parts all evening.

my awesomeness continues

Really...don't ask...seriously

I didn't realize that Unburger was also the gun show

We took the rowdy outside to the patio

Pretty pony

Husbie's shirt is Billabong and awesome! Pink shark and the shirt supported Micheal Muller who is a photographer with a love of sharks and has a charity that brings attention to the devastation on great whites due to commercial fishing.

Buggered up my nail polish right before leaving, no time to fix it.

I dislike the way my forehead looks but whatever. B Money was my chair and this photo shows why I came home with only one earring. I have no clue and what point I lost it.

K.S looks so hangry in this one.

It looks like Husbie is grabbing K.C's butt (yeah...lots of "K" names in our crew)

I love this picture of the birthday boy, he looks so cool and obviously sexy as hell. I am a lucky gal.

Done and something was obviously pretty funny and you can just make out K.P's yellow orange ombre nails. They looked awesome.

 Still sexy, even if it's blurry

Party fuel finished. I may have drank most of K.C's beer sneakily probably not so sneakily

I think we were waiting to pee. I think someone was taking a poop

Dying of poop fumes and definitely an amazing picture of myself

A yellow one like the blue one from the other day. I think I actually stopped to take this picture but there is no evidence of that. I think my camera needs a drunk setting.

Fear not, he wasn't peeing just being inappropriate with the garage mural

Posing on the beamer

And on the other one, no alarms or she didn't set them off thankfully

Awandering with some of the people that mean the mostest to me in the whole word

We have arrived! Musical lap sitting B on K.C...nothing but bro love

 Hooligans for sure

Far too overpriced bottle service

Awwwwww shit!

Playing a geeee-tar. This is a very very congested chunk of sidewalk. There are like 4 bars *right there* and since you can't smoke indoors here everyone smokes on the sidewalk. Cabs are always picking up and dropping off people here. There are hotdog carts...these are the hot 100 meters in my hood.

This was at about midnight. I pretty much forgot about the camera after that which was probably for the better as we were approaching high intoxication/low picture quality.

Uncle Hutch showed up too!!

Another splendid birthday in the books for my babe. We've done it up rowdy the last 3 years and I don't see that tradition changing since his bday falls in about the best week of the year. Happy Birthday darling...I love you, partying with our friends and all the insanely crazy things that we get into. You are my better half, my partner in crime and I hope we are doing prune juice shots on your 93 birthday with our crazy wrinkly old friends.

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