Thursday, 20 June 2013

Drake and MVJ's 1 year anniversary

On Tuesday it was one year. It's been one year since I decided that I needed a bike and my amazing Husbie bought one for me. The story of how my bikeboo and I came to be together?

I went looking for a girlie cruiser bike. The first shop (local and independent) had none but they did have a kind of ugly guys cruiser bike which I rode and actually kinda liked but didn't love. On to the next shop (local and your local bike shops!) and still no girlie cruiser bikes, apparently I was looking too late in the season and they were all gone, but they did have a black cruiser bike on sale because it was last year's model. One ride around the parking lot and I was in love. I wanted to feel like I was 8 years old again when I rode my bike and I felt that with this bike. It was not the pretty cute white and pink bike I had imagined in my head but he is so much better. He was named rather easily. A.C offered up her standard name for anything "Bill Murray" but he's a Marin and the Drake's Beach model AND I was listening to a lot of Drake at the time AND he is very obviously a gangster boys bike. Drake (who btw is coming to town October.3rd, tickets on sale on Friday...eeepp!)

My matte black and red cruiser bike

Off for a ride with dearest K.P who obviously was a huge inspiration in me getting my own bike. I saw her so jaunty and free on her bike which she loved and I wanted that too!

Look out bitches, we're on the roll!

How many bikes do you spy?

Found this sign on the trail we were biking on

We heard some yelling coming from the river, excited yelling "STROKE!"...bahaha

There really hasn't been a ton in the way of graffiti and urban art to photograph lately. I am hoping that will change soon.

K.P disappearing behind the shrubbery

Pointing out all the delicious goods in the garden

Bike besties! I have always loved that K.P's bike is white and silver and mine is red and black. To me they are each others yin and yang...completely unlike K.P and I because we are very similar in a lot of ways.

Hello my friend, you're looking fabulous!

These people had the nicest backyard I have ever seen! So green and neatly groomed and they had a tiny house in the backyard! K.P informed me it was a "shed" but we had a shed growing up and it looked like a shed, not a tiny house.

Oh the wonderful things to eat!

Color inversion setting

 A very tiny pepper that is so freaking cute

K.P and I have the exact same denim shorts. They are expensive (Silver is the brand if you must know!), we have good taste. She said she wasn't sure when the last time her legs saw the light of day was. Other than the paste, I see no problem. Rock those gams!

Normal blue

Color inversion brown but I think the camera was thinking it was doing red

More color inversion and since it only does 2 colors and leaves the rest of these shots come out pretty this one.

I have no idea how I made the red rim disappear. I believe I was using the setting that allows you to save some color in an otherwise black and white picture.

Color saved nails

This setting has lots of potential and *MARIN*

Water those pumpkin K.P! (she looks rather unimpressed doesn't she?)

Planted with love, steadily growing, soon to be eaten

I love my brain!

sweet sweet basil


I spy Herc creepin' through the grass. This garden has 99 problems but a bunny ain't one thanks to Herc

I kept yelling at him "STAY STILL AND SMILE!" this is best fruits of my catyelling

Ho-leeee-crappers...this picture is allll kinds of trippy. You can see my reflection, you can see the boat inside, the hull of the boat looks like some kind of Viking biotch breastplate, dirty glass, peeling paint, and 'I got mah biiiiig hooops oooooonnn'.

Even better in sepia...FUCKING shot of the night

K.P's cool and easy metallic clasp for her helmet attracts her cute leaf earring too. First world ladybiker problems #gratitude #LM(f)L...(didja know hashtags are coming to Facebook...fack)

Look at this cool piece...I wonder what kinda of strange and interesting things are behind it?! (production note: knee high grass, massive pokey weeds AND mozzies...all for the shot right?)

The dandelions all gone to seed with K.P in the background...oh summer you beautiful thing you

BABY LETTUCES! The freaking cutest thing in the community garden *squeeee* stay safe babies!

Interesting palate fencing and K.P chatting up a ladygardener to find out what the little tents covering some plants on another plot were for. There were to protect the plants from flea beetles. The flea beetles got to K.P's radishes and made their leaves look like swiss cheese.

Purdy flowers

The Drake anniversary also fell on K.P's bday. I wasn't supposed to say anything but the day has already passed so I want to take this opportunity to just gush about her for a lil' bit and tell y'all about her. I love K.P and other than my husband she is the most important adult person in my life. Her love for me and my loves ones in unconditional and I refuse to do without her or it. Even though we speak frequently we could go years without speaking and pick up where we left off. Her recent mention of second chances (which she gave me!) prompted me to be more forgiving in my own life (wise grasshopper). I am so honored to stand beside her at her wedding later this year as her Matron of Honor because she officiated my own wedding making mine and Husbie's union not only legal in the eyes of the government but real to us and the rest of our people as well. I LOVE YOU BIOTCH! and we are going to be crusty old hags together. Don't ever change (unless you want to) *muah*

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