Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May Day May Day! (photo heavy)

Poor old blog...I swear I love you! I have been feeling rather introverted lately maybe a little Howard Hughes reclusive (which might not be totally accurate as I did a very sexy photo shoot with Indiana the other day...saucy!) and April was a total fucking write off, I've never been so not present in a month ever in my life...not cool.

So it has finally got nice, I got Drake out and I have been out a few times. I have neglected my big mama jama camera but the nice weather makes adventuring around much more of an everyday possibility.

Thrift shop trip!

TOM JONES...I watch him on The Voice UK and let me tell you Silver Bear is looking old (sorry Tom, love you!)

Who doesn't love the Doobie Brothers?

Hideous curtains, how very vintage

Posters on the street

Eeeeppp snow...the trees are finally turning green, I am behind yo! or I am bucket filler...whichevs

Canada I love you

A walk on a still cold April seriously felt like the snow would never melt!


The dog is poopin' a Smoke's head and "dog waste" ewwwwww

This accurately conveys how I felt in April grey and strange...and maybe a little rusty

We dubbed this "urban coral". In reality, it's just a crusty melting snow bank

But April wasn't all shite. Husbie and I managed to get out for a little date-esque bite to eat at the taco joint that K.P and I went to

Commence me trying to take a good picture of him, he looked so good but he makes some weird faces sometimes (he is wearing my old earrings, we are both gauging up. I love tunnels)


I give up

Stoplight sauces, the middle is the mango scotch bonnet and it is still the best

We banned phones from our mini date shortly after this photo. Smart phones are not romantical

The food! I think I just ordered one of everything. This time I had them in the corn wraps and next time I will try them in a lettuce. I have no idea what everything was. I like it all, Husbie is pickier.

So later that night we decided to go out to shake our booties. These are the only shots from a night that I only partially remember and still laugh until tears come when being retold of my shenans. I fell on my face, totally gave a stranger the stink eye because I thought he was stealing my spot in line to pee at the pizza joint and was apparently unable to walk even a very curvy line on the way home...apparently. I have no memory of any of that. Needless to say it was a good night and these are just in the elevator BEFORE walking to the bar. Oy

The soon-to-be K.S's

Uncle Hutch the man responsible for my asshatery. I would have been fine with the half bottle of vodka I drank but WTF were those shooters?

  Most certainly trouble

Another cold April walk...everything loves wine, shit even the bushes!

The snow just would.not.melt

Teehee I have no idea who these people are 

Melting snow turned to water running down the concrete ramp...purdy

Legit goose stepping. This was close to the end of the month a the river still wasn't broken up much

All it needed was an "Eat Me" sign. I wisely did not eat.

Shopping cart in the river. So for perspective. I am on the River Walk and the water level was about 9ish feet below where I was standing. In that exact same spot today I would be over 10 feet UNDER water. I wish I had picture but the river rose like 13 feet in 24 hours it was insanely fast and the River Walk is now under water and I am doubtful the water taxi will run this year (no River Walk, no water taxi) :(

I love how haunting and creepy this shot is

yellow curved fruit, why say 1 word when you can say 3!

The handsome old thing

My totally thrashed Uggs that I am chucking out this year because they are so gross looking and all the fuzz on the inside is squished down. I was so sick of wearing them.

Canada Pride baby!

More random walking

I like this one with me just poking into the bottom of the frame

Executive in-fill condo building blech

I was trying to experiment with different angels on this walk

 I love the sun thingies in this picture, no Instragram filtered shit!

 The snow just would.not.fucking melt! No joke, this is April 25th!

Vintage Fisher Price roller skates in the dumpster, I was not going in

Found this positive body message in a bathroom taped to an ad for a plastic surgery place



Rainbow lighters at the dollar store

My precious BunBun! I think this make 4 or 5 of him that I have found. He is probably my most favourite <3 and again the Smoke's head...mmm poutine.

I enjoy the creative use of the existing dots for eyes

It FINALLY got warm enough to ride. This is this years inaugural ride. It was a brief chilly one! Check out my glitter Tom's!

Picture me rollin'! I was bundled. Those lulu hoodies are thick

K.P and he fancy new dots helmet

They are building what I believe is some sort of foot bridge here. It is strange because K.P couldn't find any info about its construction. It would be a good thing because currently there is no where to cross the river here you have to go up to a bridge which is really far out of the way. This is help a lot of people's commutes I'm sure as well as linking 2 different parts of the city that have never been directly linked. I await its opening.

When pigs fly...

SCORE...both of us in the shot!

Journey's gonna be pissed!

Lovely creepy little scary creature


A Drake doppelganger! I love this bike and I want to ride with whomever owns this. I wondered if it was a man or a woman because with a sick matte black cruiser bike, you can never tell.

Getting closer to current day, this was on a stroll last week. The food trucks are slowly coming out. I want to try this one for sure.

Art in the library

Love indeed!

Present day! The very flooded river and the greening grass

My guy

I approve of the message but not the medium or location

And now for several shots of a fountain

Freshly pedi'ed feet and brand new flip flops

Miniature setting on the baby camera

The gutting of an old restaurant. I may or may not have trespassed squeezing through a tiny gap in the gate and scraping my foot in the TOTALLY may or may not have been worth it.

Community gardens

Light so perfect I wanted to shed a tear

Very pink sandals, very grey river silt

Rusty can goodness

It's officially spring and damn near summer....about effing time yo!

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