Friday, 14 June 2013

Ain't life grand

Top of the morning! That was the greeting I got yesterday as I was walking from a decent looking young guy in a pair of rig coveralls and boots (he was not a rigger, but drove the "soft dig" truck....Husbie got elaboarate with his explanation of soft dig. I'll spare you)

Check out this cute little scooter! Does it not look like what Drake would look like if he was a bad ass little scooter?? This has jumped to the top of my want list. How cute/badass would I look riding this?!

VEGGIES! The colors were so lovely and the nice weather automatically makes these summer veggies!

Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl

Aside from lip chap and to-go drink containers if I had to name another thing I could buy obsessively is pens, markers or writing instruments in general.

Bridge art out on a stroll. I don't think any choice could have been better than yellow.


I spent a lot of time with this one

like...a lot

Someone protesting in the bushes on the Legislature grounds

 Rusty goodness and lush greenery

Oh hello Pimp My Rice! The weather was too nice not to stop at the food truck and it was just after they had opened so I didn't have to wait in a big ass line like if I was standing there at about 12:42pm.

Local Filipino food! Thank you city for changing you antiquated food truck by-laws.

Hello my lunch...lumpia! Think yummy yummy eggs rolls. Next time (like the next nice day) PANSIT...nomnomnom. Check them out HERE!

WUFF! Sooooo may cool things to do thing weekend but my man's bday is the most important. Did I mention we reserved a table and are getting bottle service because we are gangster like that.

 OMG speaking of gangster...Picked up our Riff Raff tickets today, no joke!

Sunny summer strollin', it could be today's weather every single day but then I think the fact that it gets so cold here makes us appreciate the summer that much least...that's what I tell myself when it's -40 and I want to die! What is this? I still can't figure it out.

Taggers dissing other taggers


Ummm someone is not tied off...tisk tisk


This is a thing that might be cool to go to...I am all about going to things and seeing people and doing stuff lately. Although this is in kind of sketchy area so maybe no biking

Lovely blooms

This frame was randomly hanging on this tree...don't ask, it's my 'hood anything goes!

A better and more accurate representation of the creepy

Aaaaaaaand the unruly hedges got a much needed trim, so dapper!

Wire fence with ancient fence post for my mother

He's everywhere

Bahaha working on his paste

An aphid at the park. He was so tiny and so quick and so cute! He wasn't timid and crawled all over my hand like a ladybug

hello cutie...look at his tiny eyeball and dino spikes

*love* I placed him carefully back on a tree high up. He was on a leaf that fluttered into my lap off the tree; a very bright green new leaf. We were meant to be together for those few minutes.

This is actually a real thing at the grocery store and yes I purposely took it in front of a selection of wieners. My mind is blown.

In case you were confused on it's purpose

Post it note AND sticker?! Out for an evening stroll on a splendid evening. This post it was gone when I got home. I hope someone wanted to keep it for themselves.

so junior high

Can you spy the bike hiding out?

"slack" normal

"slack" on the color inversion setting on the baby camera. Someone the other day was amazed I was still using a digital camera versus a cell phone or a DSLR which I have both by the way but the baby camera takes probably 60-75% of all of my pictures.

colo(u)r inversion door

door as my naked eeeeeeyyeeeeeeee saw (sorry came of age in the 90s)

Ignore the light bulb and this could be some Jack the Ripper shit

Soon to be roses

Me standing in a freshly churned flower bed. Flipflops Roxy, skirt $10 on sale from $20 and mini purse is also Roxy which was $22 from $40

These purple guys were some of the only flowers that were in bloom. In about 2 weeks that garden is going to explode...and I'll be back!

A sagging garage gutter all taken blind


hehehehe "organist" heheheheh

She's Taller indeed, whatever that means

What most likely used to be a stairwell on the church but the stairs are long gone

The idea for this shot just struck me as I walked by. I laid on the ground... this

purple flower just because

I swear whomever if anyone saw me they must have thought I was stark raving mad, no matter.

The Secondhandpants

Red carpet outside AA leading up to the entrance to a club that is above AA. No idea what was going on

ripped up book in the back lane

Sexy tattooed pin up lady

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  1. The billboard image is a "broken JPEG" image that would you have seen back in the 90's on a computer if an image link was broken.

    The more you nerd.