Thursday, 29 August 2013

Drops of summer

Oh what's that? Summer is winding down and I am neglecting the blog and the cameras?...I smell a yearly pattern! Summer is coming to a close but I haven't been any less busy AND it hasn't been any less hot. All of July's weather is happening now making it over 100 with the and soggy! Also it's hard to even want to take pictures when you are canonballing into a beautiful outdoor pool on a gorgeous summer day with your friends...SUMMAH YOU STILL LIVE!

A.C is forcing me to drink less beer and do a Whole Life challenge at the beginning of September so I needed to get ready for that (damn your fit ass A.C!). I practiced making a labour intensive breakfast

Sauteing the veg in evoo since I have no tallow right now

Add the egg...I was fucking around with camera settings because I don't know if the kitchen has florescent or halogen lights...the light fucking sucks is all I know. The house we lived in before this place was shitty but at least the kitchen had some good sun light until about 2

I forgot how hard it is to slave over food and take pictures when you are starving...grapes? yes please

The finished product in better light

This avocado was perfect, so's the little things in life like a perfect avocado

 Elevator selfie

More hello sticker graf

"you're going to love me"... you know that I love this little gem

Mandatory flower of the day....a yellow lily

 Badass dew drops clinging to a spider web in the early(ish) morn...winner for best picture of this post

Abandoned furniture take 1...of course I opened the drawer, nothing in it

Forgive me Jebus for I ate the delicious forbidden fallen fruit off the lawn of an empty for sale house. I didn't want your precious bounty to spoil my lord and damn that apple was fantastic

One of my favourite things

"Kieth Richards" When I saw the first of these I never expected to find lots and lots of these spread out over a pretty wide range

The side of this old ass house started to buckle out in the winter this year and they started to fix it when the snow melted. I don't want to even know what it costs to renovate a house this old and this size

Louis again

Abandoned furniture take #2...I probably would have lugged this home if it wasn't as hot as the surface of the sun and I wouldn't have caught crap for bring crap home

I didn't set this up just took the picture, some one was having a party by the river!

I went to see Dr.H for my second visit this year. It just so happened to only be one day away from the very first time I went to see him last summer (unintentional but awesome!). We did a "where you were to where you are now"...very very interesting. I think that my time with Dr.H is coming to a close for now. I am pondering giving a new therapist a whirl for awhile...what can I say? I get bored and like to spice things up. He did suggest that I write a book about my life and he is not the first person to suggest such a crazy foolish idea, maybe they are on to something.

I also got to float in a floatation tank (also called a sensory deprivation tank) for 90 minutes which was a totally cool experience. You float naked, in the dark, in silence, in 10 inches of water with 900lsb of salt dissolved in it. Very neat.

Here are this week's weird Googlez...1 for "big ass hole" 1 for "topless dude" and 1 for"i am a butterfly motherfuckers"...the last one is awesome!

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