Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Brake lesson and Fruit Crips

Out with my girl on a bike ride. When life gets crazy it is always soothing to jump on the bikes and head out for a ride...AND the river walk is finally open! FINALLY! It took until the beginning of August for it to be open

 We rollin'

Hahaha oh god, they aren't all winners for sure but the light is cool and you can see the big ass crane which is on the construction site for the big ass condos that are going in. The thing is MASSIVE like double the size I thought it was going to be...the condo complex, not the crane

Gratuitous leg shots

Alright so want to hear something kind creepy? The stats thingy for the blog tells me that 2 people have found the blog by Googling "nice feet" and 1 from "waiting to pee"...should I be concerned y'all? I guess the longer I maintain this blog and keep posting pictures and talking about shit the weirder they could get.

K.P and I had a destination but we had time to kill so we swung by the blue sticks garden since she hadn't been there yet. Behold her nameless lady and Drake's BFF

My bikeboo, he's so handsome

Shameless helmeted selfie, I look like my mother but that's ok

A picture of K.P taking a picture

I love this shot and really who doesn't love cleavage? and the light was super duper dreamy and lovely. This shot captures an MVJ summer for me totally and perfectly...bike, tan, flipfops, pictures, painted nails, sunglasses, sunset, cutoffs...#LM(f)L!

Accidental but 100% awesome

And now for some shots that I am especially proud of, damn I have good skills...as always taken on the baby camera, I love you baby camera

Ooooo dis one good

Then my beloved wanted in on the action...Phillipe Peaches my baby bird

OMG fucking awesome this picture is spectacular, he looks so majestic (and check out my hairy knuckles...sexy!)

Mandatory flower pictures

Yellow thingamajiggers in the dreamy sun

I love the jaunty little right angle at the top, like it was giving me a nod

Some straight up Alice in Wonderland looking flowers

I love how it looks like the thing on the left is reaching out for the pretty pink flower

These shots always result in surprise bugs

K.P keeping a watchful eye over everything

Interesting garden find...a strange broken but put back together teapot

This was the work of hooligans 

Then there was some less than interesting things in the garden and by the looks of it someone was having a rough morning after drinking Canadian Sherry...

 ...and hair spray and beer! and before you ask, yes people DO drink hair spray here (include mouthwash and hand sanitizer too)

 K.P and I were on a mission and we had almost arrived at our destination

Remember this?

 Well we made it to The Bike Dump!

The picture taking goodness at the bike dump was too much to take it, it was insane piles of things, part tools, art, vintage stuff, dirty things, old things AHHHH! I had to remember I was there for a workshop not a photo shoot but OMG a photo shoot in there (INDIANA, I JUST HAD A MOTHER EFFING IDEA!...are you picking up what I am putting down?!!)

We learned about brakes and actually kinda wired a brake. I felt accomplished! Annnnnnd I have a plan and my plan is build my own road bike starting in the fall. I am super excited. I wanted another bike but I for sure didn't want another brand new bike. I wanted an old bike, a Frankenstein bike, a bike that had my love and woman hours poured into it. And it turns out there's a place (actually a few!) where I can do that and pay in all sorts of interesting ways (like art, time, food, money etc). I love community bike shops and I am really happy to have discovered them right now. I see lots of interesting things down this avenue in the future.

And another beautiful fucking sunset. I jumped up fast for the big mama jama camera because this kinda light lasts about 2 minutes then it's gone

I'll battle your ocean sunsets any day

Lots and lots to do still while where is still a tiny bit of summer left...Folklorama that I am hoping to get to, I may have clusterfucked this week (oops!), Ghost Twin is playing at a very cool show on Thursday, there is a hip hop and live art show on Friday PLUS the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition PLUS I signed up for a yoga dance party at the studio on Friday so that should be fucking awesome PLUS if you are interested in getting your yoga on with 300 of your closest friends Moksha Yoga Winnipeg, yes my beloved studio is putting on their annual YIP...Yoga in the Park or what I have always affectionately referred to it as "Yoga in the Ass" because it's held in Assiniboine Park (more commonly "Ass Park" to differentiate it from the other park "K.P" which is never to be confused with my own K.P who is a real person not a park...did you get all that?)

Fliers for things that have passed but I still have them in the bottom of my purse. I really wanted to go to this rum punch competition

 I love this flier for the gay bar and I am totally keeping it because I am a paper hoarder! "Dad, why did you bring me to a gay steel mill?"

This was also in the bottom of my purse when I cleaned it out. I *really* want to say that I have no idea how it got there or where this came from but that would be a lie...

...a big fat naked lie! Eeeeepppp!

 And I have lovely lady lovers who love me and bring me things! K.P brought over ALL locally grown fruit crisps (I wrote "fruit crips" twice!) apple, rhubarb and bluberry

Mmmm fruit crips

Then Indiana gifted me half a pie...a Saskatoon pie! Oooo Saskatoon berries I love you.


And a mason jar full of shwarma spice that one of her coworkers made....literally, a massive bag full and it smells fantastic!

A beautifully colored bmx bike outside the tattoo shop. The guy I dated in high school had a bmx bike so I always spot them and actually know a bit about them. They are NOT practical riding bikes but I do like the guys that are usually riding them

And a cute spray paint bunny stencil to end with

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