Sunday, 18 August 2013

Yoga in the park

Twas a lovely day for some yoga in the park, it was just a little overcast which was perfect since it dimmed the sun, it was hot but the strong breeze made it feel much cooler

Kids yoga before the main Moksha!

Oh haaaaay whats up yoga in the park?

Of course I have a salmon colored lulu mat (note: mat is 6 years old... I should probably get a new one but it is in remarkably good condition for being that old and I have sentimental attachment to it as my entire practice has been done on this one mat)

 Practicing yoga outside with your sangha (community) on a beautiful summer day while someone else takes the pictures is pretty sweet. My butt eating my shorts in this back bend, less lovely

One of my favourite if not my favourite pose, supta virasana or reclining hero for the white folks. I am in full expression and I am proud of my flexibility

Ustrasana or camel pose which is my most HATED pose. I usually am unable to do this one for very long in the hot room as I always feel sick in the pose because it is after the standing series and core work but outside with the strong cooling breeze I was able to not only do it but get full expression with grabbing the heels...hehe "grabbing heels"

Love these peoples and you can *just* make out my favourite instructor on the far far right. I love him and he doesn't know it but he's my yoga boyfriend and heads up f.y.i... his classes disproportionately always has the most and hottest guys in it

Setting up for pigeon, horray for hip openers

In full sleeping pigeon pose with my left leg parallel with the top of the mat. Think this is easy? Give it a go! Most people are super unflexible (is that a word?) in their hips and we carry tons of tension there too

Pachimottanasana, seated forward fold. I am working on getting my face to touch the tops of my knees...and my thigh muscle looks bad ass

Spinal twist...hello back muscles! This post also made most of my tattoos visible which isn't hard since yoga clothes can be kinda skimpy (it's mega hot in the hot room!) some dudes just wear tiny shorts and some chicks practice in a bra and tiny shorts. This is the No Limits tank and I looooove it and want need a new one.

My darling just chillin in the zen of post yoga. Thanks for being a great photographer lovah!

I also did a yoga dance party class that the studio offered on Friday. It was lots and lots of fun! My inner thighs are still burning and I really like the hands on stuff with a partner and the group stuff we did. I also always know I am in need of yoga badly when I start to get misty during a class. Well I got misty when we all sang along to "Stand by me" at the end. I need yoga...badly. When I first first started going to the studio 6 years ago Husbie and I went to a class where the instructor sang softly to us while in final shavasana and I cried like a baby (Husbie said he got a little choked up too when she sang, it was that beautiful). I also got a little misty for the first little bit when I started going again last fall. The thoughtful intentions laid out at the beginning of class spoke to me and my heart and helped heal me. So I know I am exactly where I need to be which is a phrase that I hear over and over again during my practice. Yoga for the body but more for the mind.

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