Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Nasal irrigation, I don't love you

Ugh, I've been sick. Summer colds are the worst for real and remember all that cold weather we were having? Well we are back into a heat wave, a hot one! I had to venture out for sinus pills in the blazing sun and raging heat. I was sweaty and winded by the time I got to the drug store only a block away.

Apparently K.P had been hoarding things for me and this just ended up being the perfect time to bring this stuff to me. She wisely just dropped it off and didn't venture much further than the front door...sickness abound. She brought me tons of things to stick up nose.

Look at Dr.Mehta, doesn't he look so happy and trusting? "#1 physician!, you stick this up your nose, my friend"*note: taken completely out of context

This is an alternative to a neti pot which admittedly I totally approve of because if you have seen a neti pot you know that it looks like.....

....THIS! I have never wanted to shove a small plastic phallus in my nose, I don't know about you weirdos (bets on what kinda Google hits I'll get with *that* phrase and see the end of the blog for this week's weird Google search terms) Keep your pretend penis to yourself neti pot! The plastic squeezy bottle doesn't seem so awful now does it?!

She also brought over these things, which are all just different variations on the same thing, salt water-ish solution in the nose. From left to right....all in one nasal mist, single use saline ampoules and a moisturizing nasal gel

Custom Tip for Irrigation...everything about nasal irrigation is super phallus-y

Ummmm yeah...everything about healthcare in general kinda freaks me out and this nose plunger isn't making me feel any more comfortable considering it kinda looks like a butt plug (just sayin'!)'s still for my nose right?

" soothe your delicate nasal passages" are we SURE this for the nose? K.P what did you bring me!

The squeezy bottle came with 2 packages of white powder to which I was to add to warm sterilized, filtered, bottled or boiled water. My ass had to boil water because I had none of that other stuff and you aren't supposed to do these kinda things with tap water because did you hear about that chick who got like parasites in her brain from using just tap water in her neti pot? No brain parasites for me thank you.

This is an awful picture of an awfully sick me and this is as good as you will get for my nasal irrigation experience because it's not cute. It feels weird kinda like when you get water up your nose at the pool but less burn-y. It flushes out boogers, it makes a weird pressure in your face and head and is just all around unsexy...but it works.

K.P also brought over something I didn't have to shove in my nose, something much more happy and joyous...her wedding invitation! *tear* the wedding is only 3 months away and I am the marton of honor (apparently it's "matron" if you are married and "maid" if you are unmarried) so I should really start to concentrate on that getting buff thing and OH YEAH getting a dress too!

I took these pictures on the walk to yoga the other day. I have never really done my hot yoga during the hot hot summer before so it feels weird to be walking to the studio in jean shorts not bundled to the max

"Love is power"

I really like this one

More spray paint stencils and it's just a hunch but I think that the person who did this Kennedy one is also responsible for....

...the bunny ones! These 2 were on the same box on different sides. No attempts to remove the bunnies have been made either they are going unnoticed which I doubt or rather they are low down, in spray paint and are non-offensive so they are getting more time

Transformation in my Village continues. The old Papa George's has been wrapped in scaffolding and since it is on such a high traffic corner, the already small sidewalks that are overcrowded with panhandlers, idiots on bikes and all manners of pedestrians have been covered with those plywood protective sidewalk coverings. These have shrunk that side of the sidewalk down to basically single file which if you have ever tried to walk through the Village when it's busy you need space to pass the tourists/suburbanites who are window shopping or don't realize that their mingling on the sidewalk is douchebaggery at it's finest, slow walkers, people on bikes etc etc. This will be fucking HELL in the winter if they are still up. One can hope they are down before the snow flies in a couple months.

Today's weird Google search terms that people found my blog via are; 3 for "public restroom selfies" and 1 for....wait for it..."fucking my gf on the boat". Really Google? I don't even...whatever, it doesn't matter, it's entertaining!

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