Tuesday, 6 August 2013

(photo heavy)

It was a beautiful long weekend Monday and I was feelin' the big mama jama so we headed out into the sunshines. I was creepin' on this rather hot gentleman and Husbie cockblock/shotblocked me! What a turd!

Oh the things that can be found on the sidewalk after a long weekend Sunday. Somewhere someone is missing their sisal door mat thingy

Of course empty alcohol vessels. This was taken totally blind as I squatted on the curb and just lowered the camera

A possibly intoxicated man approached us and asked "when is everything open?" we then had to inform him that it was a civic holiday and lots of stuff would be closed...oh crazy intoxicated persons near noon

Leftover panhandler signs. The panhandlers haven't been any better or worse than other years just annoying and I pass them multiple times in the same day so I wisely conserve the change that I am never actually carrying on me

"You're the man cool guy! see you at the beach!"

What is this??


 Signage and graf stickers

I have seen sooooo many cruiser bikes this year! More bikes of any kind makes me happy

a crazy lady with a crazy poodlely looking dog on her lap while she was driving, when I had a small dog I was guilty of doing this


What is this? found art? garbage?

It was art! and my thought is that someone cut up an old record sleeve/jacket and turned it into weird cryptic art...MY FAVOURITE! I have no idea what this means, who MRP is and this reminded me that Husbie bought me a wax seal thingy years ago. I looked for more but this was all that I could find. Everything about this is me...the repurposed cardboard (especially vintage!), the black sharpie writing in all caps, the wax seal, the "M", the fact that it seems like it was intentionally left to be found and taken home. Your art is safe with me

A tiny paw either wheat pasted on or drawn on a sticker and cut out which is more likely and the drawing appears to be from the same person who did the sad girl on the traffic signal box

Garbage men working on a civic holiday

Someone with a heavy handed can of black spray paint does not like what was on the box and has very deliberately blacked it all out...innresting.

Lost dog tag, I think that it looks a strawberry with that green pushpin holding it on the board

Poster for some Icelandic/Canadian thing, but I fucking love the palate they chose. That combo of white, light blue and hot pink together is a deadly combo...now where have I seen that before???

Oh right....hahaha

I saw this poster and thought "Oooo I should go to that!" then I realized that I am already busy that day and I have to stop clusterfucking certain days as it is not helpful to this energy drain thing I got goin' on

More flowers

a random pink note card that looks like someone was creepily documenting their boring ass day...I do most of those things with one eye cracked open before dawn while checking the weather and my horoscope...gotta get my info in the early a.m


'shroomie winner!

"filthy animal" sticker graf

I liked these people's interesting window coverings. I also *just* discovered this apartment block and kinda really want to move into it

And then there was this spider! I don't have a macro lens or even a macro filter (hint hint mom my birthday is coming up!) so it took me forever to actually get the spider in focus instead of the web or the brick. He stayed so still and didn't move and as kept getting closer and further away and retracting the lens and just generally being an asshole all up in his grill.

It's all Indiana's fault! I have moving on the brain and realistically it has been over 2 years since we have moved which apart from one place where we lived (and probably still would live if it weren't for shitty circumstances) for 5 years, we move every 2 years.


local skate shop stickers and I actually found out more about this shop and that is was opened by a former DVS rider and the name Green Apple has it's roots in the discount clearance store Red Apple which is really taking it back if y'all remember that place (there was one across from my junior high school)

The bottom of this light post is a popular spot, I like the little cat one and I have seen the paper one tons lately. The best spot I saw it was on the back of a bus, buses are rarely tagged on the outside.

These 4 dudes hopped out of a car together, ooooookkkkay. Is this what 4 grown ass men do on a beautiful day? Either way tons of little people lost their damn minds when they saw these guys...mission accomplished I guess!

I took Husbie to see the grass humps for the first time

My humps my hump, my lovely little humps

Checking out the yellow tents, no more painted grass. They have had to cut the grass and it has rained lots so there is no more painted diamonds. Also despite what this picture shows (I always try to take pictures without people in them if I can) it was super busy down there on the holiday Monday.

Flowers! and what I am in the understanding are "billy buttons"...I dunno, they are a "cool" decorating thing or some shit, check out Pinterest...or not (I wouldn't!)

Winner for shot of the day!

There was some kind of mini pow wow occurring that I didn't know about until I heard the drums...

And the throat singing which I find hypnotic sometimes

A gentleman in finery, he turned for a great profile at the last minute...awesome. There were tons of costumes and my favourite ones with the jinglies all over them

A unicycle riding couple holding hands while riding their unicycles...*mushmush*

A man with a bird on his shoulder and surprisingly or unsurprisingly given that the 'hoods I travel in are slightly more eclectic, this was the SECOND bird on a shoulder I saw in less than 48 hours. I failed to capture a tiny love bird on a very "interesting" woman's shoulder while walking for burgers the other day.

Life can start anywhere, even where it seems impossible

What is that blue dot?? Not a water droplet I don't think

It was in the next shot too and it moved!! aliens for sure

The River Walk is FINALLY open but it looks like it took a lot of work to get it to that state and a few trees needed to be cut for public safety *sigh*

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