Friday, 16 August 2013

An August to remember

Check out this dead beetle I found in the parking lot the other day!!

I don't think this is a june bug, I remember what I called "june bugs" to be flatter with bigger wings, more cockroach-esque

 Strolling down the river walk, I spy something red!

Max zoom on the baby camera aha yes a couch on Village Beach. The Village Beach sign got washed away or buried when the river bank flooded. I really thought someone would have redone it by now.

"Keith Richards"*most likely not done by the real Keith Richards...just sayin'

"Kirth Pringle"

When I was at the Forks last, Nintendo was there demo-ing their new Wii U. I didn't care enough to stand in the line and wait to check it out but I do love Nintendo and still have my original 8 bit console (Dr.Mario love!)

Mandatory flowers

Some strange 4 dog tug o war. There were tons of people just watching this. I was bored after 3 seconds. Maybe you were allowed to bet money on a dog before the pull started and that's why they were watching so intently

 Some interesting new chip flavours

Fighter jet graffiti...I just saw this yesterday but my guess is that it is rather old and been there awhile

Apparently I am following the white rabbit

This church always has an inspirational quote to offer up, this one is more like something I would see at the studio but I like that this can be interpreted in different ways not just a churchy one

Out with Drake (and K.P) just a quickie and panda and can you spy the box that I photograph often in the background?

Tiny peppers just waiting to be picked

Poster for some cyclocross thing (whatever that is!)...might be cool to go to this

I found this posted on an outdoor hockey rink which is obviously just a concrete pad in the summer BUT I see dudes playing bike polo, yes bike polo there once a week

"nice feet"'re welcome feet freaks...and I even changed my polish



Philodendron are tolerant apparently, I wonder if it just tolerated my picture taking or if it loved it

more sticker art

Chopsticks stix for stupid white people! Are you a stupid white person who can't use chopstix? Well this little silicone dude gives you all the tension you need on your chopstix or ya know, you can just figure it out it's really not that hard

SushiMan farts in your general direction

Fragrant loaves and I don't care what anyone's food dogma is fresh bread smells fucking amazing

I wandered though the new Shoppers which is always a bad idea because they have a massive make up section and I could easily drop $200 on body spray, chap stick and nail polish. I spied L'Oreal's new Magic Top Coats

This one was my favourite, it was a super fine silver glitter

I tried this one too and it was interesting, it makes any polish go to a matte finish. I think it would look great on bright red nails, but it was barely noticeable on my yellow nail

And they FINALLY have the electro line of Baby Lips. I saw an ad for these in Cosmo like a month ago (I was leafing through one while waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store) and this display has been up but empty for about the same amount of time

The original line

The new flavours

And Dove has a moderately priced dry shampoo that I would like to try

Then Husbie and I went to this!

There was a box of tiny cute sweet things when we arrived

I hadn't been to this bar since it changed from "ALIVE" to "LIV" joke, how clever. This bar like all the bars in this city has been about a hundred different bars and this was actually the one I frequented heavily when I was newly 18. It was a much much more grungy sports bar kinda thing called Wise Guys back in the day...memorieeeeees

Obligatory bathroom selfie...whole place has been gutted and renovated which while I love a grungy tiny barely functional bathroom as much as the next gal, this new washroom is huge and posh!

Poster for the show Chaos Cabaret with Ghost Twin!

The first part was an open photo shoot with different models milling around free for the photographing. There were lots of legit, real photographers so I just snapped off a couple quick ones with the baby camera. This lady looked amazing

I love taking pictures of people taking picture for a few reasons; they are pretty candid because their attention is else where and those kinda people aren't usually subjects but rather hidden behind the lens


There was tons of beautiful art and I only captured a tiny fraction of it but these small, colorful new school cartoony style paintings were my fav!

Strolling home on a gorgeous night. I spy a clean, well lit, well flowered boardroom

My darling looking hot as always

Creative bike lock up situation

 A new store the name LOVE STATIONARY!

Speaking of store fronts that aren't open yet but will be soon...Remember this? Well apparently it is going to be awesome local coffee but not Thom Bargen rather Parlour, another swanky local coffee joint that people I love love so I should love it too (thanks to my LPC for the heads up on this one!)

Swanky furniture and design store that had lots of lovely 60s danish inspired wood pieces which  *JUST* reminded me of an awesome website that Miss Em showed me called Fuck your noguchi coffee table which pokes fun at all the uber hip design trends that I am actually super jealy I can't do in my own place. Still makes for a funny read though. FUCK YOU EAMES CHAIR!

Rad nighttime selfie against a well lit building

Said well lit fact, the first ever call center I worked for was located in this building....funner fact, that was sooooo long along we didn't have autodialers (like at the *other* call centers I worked at) and we had to hand dial!!

Special thanks to B Money for making the night possible, you rule dude!!

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