Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bipolar compliant tuna!

I appears that some are concerned that I have gone into a beer and poutine coma (I WISH!) Fear not lovers, there is real food in me too! And in like a month maybe sooner if this 18-23 degree weather keeps up I will be bombarding you with BONES and all those other wonderful things I do inside when it is waaaaay too cold to be doing anything outside.

Mostly maintaining this blog for a year has shown me the "lay" of my whole life over the course of a year, through the change of seasons and certainly my vastly and ever changing moods (dammit bitch, you crazy!) It appears this blog like myself is bi polar. In the summer it's a drinking, biking, party blog in the winter it's a fitness, yoga, primal, cooking blog...ummm yeah those aren't 2 TOTALLY diametrical opposed things...bahaha. Dr.H cautioned me against having 2 different parts of ones self which I totally do not agree with him on because I feel like there has always been 2 parts of me my whole life on more than a few levels so him saying that is like him saying my life is wrong or to be cautioned against. I take Dr.H with a grain of salt for sure. I like talking to him and appreciate some of his insights and the digging he does but he is certainly NOT the be all end all. Just another person for me to chat to about my life.

So to bring it all back around to what the fuck I was actually talking about. I took some pictures of a thing that I ate that was something that could have been seen on here in theW30 heydays. Behold my awful kitchen counter again! The lighting hasn't gotten any better and I am still not a foodie blogger with soft focus pictures of neatly measured shit. As much as I wish that was ain't and I gotta be me.

So my poor Amurikan friends have troubles finding compliant tuna because that shit is full of soy (who puts tuna is soy is whole 'nother ball o' wax). Behold compliant generic tuna...Mmmm and really, who only eats half the can? That has like never happened...ever.

In my kitchen of course there are thrift store recused mismatched vintage Pyrex bowl, this one is my favourite one (Horizon Blue if you are Pyrex nerd like me and if you are go HERE)

Drain tuna, I have one of those can squishers (get one!) chop celery and pickles. I was too lazy to pull out pickles so I opted to go pickle-less but really pickles and tuna? Nothing bad about that and I spy Crush in the background.

This is really the easiest you can eat tuna without just forking it out of the can...OH DON'T ACT LIKE YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT SHIT BEFORE!

Pink salt or whatever salt your prefer (sea, kosher and pink are the salts of this house), fresh ground pepper (we us the multicolored peppercorns), mayo and mix it up. Slap it in a lettuce leaf and hello fast easy compliant food. You throw some thinly sliced red or yellow peppers in there too if you aren't mega lazy and like shit more lively and colorful like the Husbie. I consider lettuce a salad, he does not.

Also my darling mother brought to my attention the fact that I had yet to share the brownie recipe that I use for AMAZING not vegan, not paleo BUT 100% fucking amazing brownies that are only 7 ingredients...6 if you omit the salt! *BROWNIES*

Enough of hanging out in the house while the sun is shining! The sun hitting these steps made the whole porch look awash in a pink glow....awesome

What do we have here? I am damn curious as this is the lower section of the building where the head shop was BUT the lease sign is gone from the head shop and this lower section which has these decals on the windows

My crazy thought is that maybe this new what appears to be more local coffee is taking over the upper and lower section. I am also wondering if this is another Thom Bargen (which was CLOSED when I tried to go there last night at 8:30pm!)

xo...see you soon coffee!

A tagged box that looks like Mr.Paper is also Mr.Vaper...slay me with CLEVER (douche). I took this picture for the strange looking purple bird thing

Louis felt the need to mark his territory and he does have lovely penmanship

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