Thursday, 22 August 2013

Sick Woman Walking

Despite my sickness, I was determined to not let it get me down and prevent me from enjoying all the beautiful weather that we should have had a month I was feeling the need for some easy low impact exercise since I am not 100%. I happened upon this sign but it had a new sticker

A sticker with a Facebook address. I checked out the address *AFTER* I got home only to discover that this is an Australian street artist based in Bogota who is here right now and *just* finished a massive gorgeous mural only a street over from where I ended up on my walk. I am for sure headed out to find it and capture it!

Bridge architecture, so industrial...I love industrial

I basically walked the route that I usually bike with K.P. I kept a nice leisurely pace instead of my usual hyper speed pace

Random graffiti on a foot bridge

This is for Husbie...a directional! This is another way of making the holes in the ground that he makes

Some very randomly placed placard about the displacement of Scottish people all over the world. It's located near a roundabout near the river

Home sweet home if you survived the "coffin ships"

While strolling I came across this positive life quote...LOVE IT!

A black and white Gumby on a mailbox

Blue skies and backlanes

It wasn't long until I came across another one! Someone had been out and had been busy

Dust indeed!

This was the final one that I found. I am pleased at how many things I found just being on foot. Drake is awesome and everything but you do miss a lot of things and fine details while on the bike. I love walking! My LPC and I used to take epic walks to Burger King, drink a free water then walk all the way back home just for something to do in the summer when we were 14

Door reflection selfie...I was almost too hot in these leggings but the breeze kept me cool enough to not regret the decision

I happened upon this beautiful, colorful mat mural. The bronze was much more metallic and glinty in the light than it is coming across in the this picture and the battery was dying on the baby camera so I would quick snap a picture then shut it off to conserve the battery

This strange Sharpie doodle on piece of painted wood covering a window was pretty cool

Love love love this style of graffiti with the crazy letter shapes, heavy use of black and big bold colors

I walked in front of the bike shop that I discovered right before Fringe started and I love this quote except I have heard it as "It never gets easier, you just get stronger" close enough and the same idea is conveyed for bikers

I spy a Rukus that has been all modified. If you recall this is the tiny scooter that I want! I have seen a big group of like 20 guys all with modified mini scooters and I am mega jealy!

I love the grey camo front of this one

Angry sprinkler man grrrrr!

And these random shots from the other night that I forgot about

This balloon was just floating gently down the street, it was a super calm night and I have no idea what the writing on the balloon means

"don't hate"

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