Monday, 16 September 2013


I'm alive I swear. I probably feel more alive than I have felt in years and it is a pretty great fucking feeling. People said they missed the blog, I missed the blog too but the time pie is finite lovers...the time pie is finite (write that down).

A note... A.C and I (and Husbie!) have embarked on an 8 week Whole Life challenge (today is Day 10!) it has been interesting so far. I am not sure how much I will share about this challenge but know that it is going on in the background of everything.

I have taken a lot of pictures on my phone lately and both cameras have sat rather unused but they still get used and managed to keep a good record of the 2ish weeks this blog sat idle. We walked around on a beautiful early September day and there was tiny bits of evidence indicating fall


Blue sky and the glimpses of the urban sphere

A man in a kayak with a dog who looked so regal and majestic sitting behind his person...this would not be the last time I saw them...and days later at that

Bridge splendor

More of this guy and the dogs and the tons of people watching...I was just as bored seeing this for the second time

Rusty train bridge


Some lovely graffiti with proper grammar and Canadian spelling

A man in a bear costume who was out walking around before 10pm on a Wednesday...only in my 'hood!

I went to some renegade country show (The Poor Choices) it was actually pretty good but I was way more in love with all the inspiration in the ladies washroom

This little dude has dreams of growing potatoes in peace

The plywood sidewalk cover thing has actually been a source of graffiti and postering which I love. A dude was encouraging the ladies to get sexy with it. Sexy but impractical.

I completely agree

Eeeeeeee cuuuuuute!

BBQed pulled pork poutine as lit by glow stick light

Light up bridge art at night

Remember this?

Well we actually ended up going which was kinda last minute but I am soooooo glad we did! Silliness in the elevator on the way to the event

I mega love this shirt that was $12 at the teenie bopper store

It was close to 10 by the time we got to the speedway but the parking lot was totally packed, we walked about a quarter k to the entrance, in the dark on a rough gravel road


Cyclocrossers! fyi, I had never heard of cyclocross before seeing that poster in August. It's pretty fucking bad ass!

"Stay Cocky, My Friends"

Handsome old thing

The Crooked Brothers who are spectacular, just amazing! I love them sooooo much!!

They had some sick beards and the lead singer gave off such a friendly and mischevious vibe...he was playing a banjo barefoot!

Go listen to "17 Horses" on Soundcloud which was actually the last song I heard them play and both Husbie and I instantly loved it which is rare for me

 My dreamy Mr

Annnnnnd MR.PEROGIE...join the perogie nation, let him overlord you!!

Love this warning at the track

Remember the man in the kayak with his dog from the beginning of the post? BEHOLD! More than a week later, he was still out with his well behaved pooch

There was a duck float for cancer research, this was the thingie to stop the ducks

I went to some CFC MMA fights. It was actually pretty cool and that was the first time I had ever seen anything like that live. The first fight was over in 25 seconds but one of the fights got really bloody

And it is my understanding that ladies get very prettied up for an event where dudes are going to beat the shit out of each other so I did just that and I wasn't overdressed

A beautiful fall night and trying to capture some tiny bugs swirling in the sunlight

Someone added to the "you're going to love me" graf and I love their response

There are waaaaay more pictures on my phone but until I get a laptop with Bluetooth (I am very attached to my dinosaur laptop) it is a HUGE pain in the rear to transfer picture via email (and I'm lazy)

Who knows what kind of weird Google search terms I missed in my absence but here are the current ones and they are starting to get freakier! 1 for "how do you use a penis plug" and 1 for "mvj sex stories" Oooolala! You freakaleeks you! Sorry to disappoint on the penis plug and sex stories but I promise that I am back!

Also check out my thing for August since it's...well...September is half over!

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