Sunday, 13 January 2013

Test Kitchen

UGGGHHH...I caught the death flu that is going around. DEAAAAAATH! I was totally out of commission all day yesterday. The body aches were so terrible I was just sat in bed rocking back and forth weeping like a big wuss. I feel only slightly better today, definitely not as achey but definitely still sick.

There was a crazy blizzard and we went grocery shopping the day before so it was a perfect day to hunker down and and make food! (I did this before getting ill thank god!) First up...breakfast discs. Husbie accidentally bought this pork beef mix

I totally dice onions in the FP...either way I still end up tearing into a dishtowel

The finished product...I ate like 4 of these before I packaged them up for the freezer. They were super yummo!

Next up...broccoli slaw! I hate cabbage and we always have a lot of broccoli...ummmm stumps around so I shred them up

Next up...broccoli slaw! I hate cabbage and we always have a lot of broccoli...ummmm stumps around so I shred them up made husbie shred them up. The food processor does a lot of the hard work in the kitchen...I seriously love it and if you are debating on getting one...GET ONE!

Just use a veggie peeler or a paring knife to take off the tough outer layer (notice bone broth in the background)

4 cups of shredded broccoli stems in just a few seconds...thank you technology

Then I made up a quick chicken noodle-less soup. I snagged 4 cups of my chicken bone broth and took a blurry picture..oops!

I chopped up some carrots, celery and leftover heritage chicken (heritage chickens or animals for that matter are animals that are from a pure bred lineage. Grocery store birds are hybrid birds. I promise you if you can get your mitts on heritage animals that they will taste a thousand times better...promise!) This was a quick easy lunch for husbie and I.

Next up...Health-Bent's paleo double chocolate chip cookies I followed their instructions to make your own almond butter and not use store stuff so the FP was called into service again. FYI...if you do make your own for the recipe...1 cup of whole almond only gives you 1/2 cup of butter, this information would have been highly helpful at the beginning of the recipe. Guess who had to run the FP twice? This gal.

These are the almonds after about 30 seconds in the FP

This after about 1 minute 30 seconds in the FP (note making your own butter takes about 10 minutes)

This is after about 5 minutes and after adding a teaspoon of coconut oil. Honestly, I have no had super great success making paleo cookies. I can make amazing conventional ones but I am less successful with paleo-ified stuff.

The recipe called for the darkest chocolate you can find...I had Enjoy Life mini chips and chunks so that's what I used. These things are AH-MAZING! So good

This is the cacao powder that I use. It's pricier than regular store bought but it totally raw and creepy free. I buy it at Bulk Barn, you can also order it online.

The finished cookies! They held together ok, they have more of a shortbread texture than a traditional cookie texture but paleo baking is never going to replicate the real toxic thing exactly so keep that in mind y'all. Also, don't eat the whole batch. 2 cups of nuts is a more than you should eat in a whole week. If you know you won't be able to stop yourself, don't make them. I honestly prefer raw ballz to these cookies.

The cookies in better lighting

DRAAAANKS! My first drink in 3 months! I mixed vodka with Perrier pink grapefruit and that square glass is husbie straight Drambuie *barfola*

Husbie ordered this cool framed collectors edition stamp print thingie.  His nickname used to be monkey or mnky and the year of the monkey was our first full year together. K.P also found the stamp on the left on envelope at work and gave it this is kinda significant for us personally.

Here is the actual stamp that K.P found. I used it for the cover of the last scrapbook of ours that I made (yeah, I scrapbook but mine are awesome and badass because I hoard good stuff for them instead of just buying stupid crap from Michael's). He's holding a tiny fortune cookie in his hand!

Full framed glory. I love it and it makes our hallway look so grown up.

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