Monday, 28 January 2013

Not dead

Uggghhh this past week was totally CRAY CRAY for me. Stupidly busy and stressful. I can't fully divulge why just yet so I'll keep y'all in suspense for a little while longer. I can tell you that the van didn't start on Sunday (which kinda ended up being a sort of good thing) and it took me the better part of 3 days and a LARGE sum of money to get the problem fixed, not to mention it was -40 all week and I had two beasts in tow, but it's fixed now and it better stay fixed for a long fucking time because I'm not made of batteries and block heaters and engine reprogrammings!

So after the van drama the hair show craziness started. Praise the baby zuzel that I had a vehicle and I didn't have to walk or take a cab to all the places that I needed to go for it. Friday was model prep day and it took the better part of 6 hours to color correct my 6 inch roots then do a crazy blue green color. I had no idea what Amy was going to do to my hair before coming in but I am pretty open to anything. When I got there she sheepishly pulled out an extension with the colorway she was going for and then asked if it was cool if she did it. Of course I said "sure!" is hair, it grows and can always be changed. I had pink hair for my wedding, I've had a mohawk, a full head of skinny braids, a grey blonde bob...all kinds of crazy things that just don't phase me so blue green hair is NBD and I was just stoked to have the trailer park hair be gone!

The re-blonding took FOR-EV-ER but I knew it would having done this many times before. I got excited when she brought out the blues and greens. It looked like we were doing Easter eggs! She ended up mixing up another brighter green for the do.

Extensions for the other models in my segment. Our segment was "ocean" themed, hence the mermaid hairs!

The finished product. It was late so no natural light pictures and I didn't have another pair of hands to take pictures of the underside.

I love the hair and I totally understood Amy's vision for the do...soft seafoamy colors and admittedly she did the color specifically for my up do so the brighter bits are on the underside.

The show was on Saturday....a looooong day it was. I had to be at model prep for 10:30am then I had to hang around all day for the run through, make and wardrobe until 8:30pm when the show started. Check out my snazzy model pass!

I knew to bring something to keep me entertained for the 10+ hours of sitting around. One can only do stuff on their phone for so long. I brought my shoe coloring book that Indiana gave me and I colored shoes for hours in between getting up and walking around because my butt was falling asleep.

So for having copious amounts of free time I totally dropped the ball on taking pictures and also getting someone to take a picture of my own hair so these are the crappy cell phone pics of my hairs and make up that I took in various bathrooms...I know, I suck!

This is the crazy wrap around braid and if you look close you can see that all my hair is crimped to make it fuller and give it texture.

This is my fishy-eye inspired make up. I asked the super gay and awesome stylist if he wanted me to take off my earrings. He said no and that he didn't hate the look with my costume...awesome!

A cool lady I met, she was super stoked on her pimpin' safety glasses with the pink tape on them. She was in the "bird" section and that dressed looked amazing on her. The section themes were; reptilia, ocean, birds, big cats, men, fur and lingerie.

The one and only picture that someone else took of me. My outfit was "interesting" to say the least. Pinky's hair actually looked very similar to my own wedding hair.

Other models...neons were birds, the goth looking girl was in the "reptilia" section, there was a "mens" section (they look awesome!)

This picture was pretty funny from the front since they were all looking towards the back. Check out the amazing shave job on that dude's head. Everyone in the "men" section had crazy good shaved designs in their hair.

There was also a "fur and lingerie" section. Girls in undwears and vintage fur coats and the dudes in that section wore some kind of fur with bedazzled freaking random and hilarious! This guy was buff and such a good sport about posing with everyone.

This is Josh, my hair stylist Amy's brother. He was in the same section as me. They did finger waves and soft curls on him to give him the flowy Poseidon-esque hairs. Of course I was smitten with his beard which they straightened then curled upwards. He was also in some very very tight shiny gold pants.

All in all I had a super fun time helping Hair F/X raise money for the Never Alone foundation, a charity that supports people with cancer...check em out HERE!

I also found another manatee while I was out for a walk yesterday. That makes 3! I cannot wait for it to start getting warmer so I can discover new graf and the artist can come back out and make new things for me to discover.


  1. I am on day 18 of Whole30 and doing good. I don't really feel any different. I have not had any of the rage you mentioned in one of your posts. Hope I don't. I travel with my job and I am sure that would not be a good thing.

    Your hair is going to bring so much attention to you. I could not walk around like that nor could I show up at my job with my hair like that.

  2. Congrats on day 18 Tabitha! The rage thing isn't too common so I think you'll be safe. I am loving my new hair and I sometimes forget that it's blue and wonder why people are eyeballing my head in the grocery store.