Wednesday, 2 January 2013

I'm flexy and I know it!

The new year has been fabulous so far even though I feel like I am running on borrowed time because husbie can and will be called away for work at a moments notice so I am just enjoying my little family all being together. That said I still need mah space with all this family time! So I go to yoga. Serious yoga gangsta look. I look more badass with my shades on and that sparkle nail polish needs to go.

It was a cold sunshiney first day of the year

Yesterday's class was awesome even though it felt like my fav instructor had jacked the heat super high. It was mega hot and I was panting. I felt bad for all the newbies, lots of people had to take child's pose to regain themselves. I pride myself on never stopping and never taking child's pose to compose myself but I have been going to yoga almost daily since September so I have no need to rest...I am strong and heat adapted.

This is just a note...if you are new to hot yoga be it Moksha or Bikram I HIGHLY suggest arriving to the hot room 15 minutes early to give your body time to get adjusted to the heat. Arriving moments before class starts is stressful enough but not giving your body a chance to adjust to heat is even more stressful and will ensure that you will not enjoy your yoga time as much as you could. Also while we are on the topic of yoga...etiquette in the hot room is shut your mouth. Other people use this time to unwind. If you want to chitchat, others don't want to hear it so kindly take yourself out of the hot room if you feel like flapping your lips.

I took a few pictures on my walk home from yoga. It's 2k round trip walk that I do no matter the weather and it has been freezing here lately. It's a great warm up and cool down and there still are things to take pictures of despite the frigid temps.

I spied this weird blob that I figured out was a cat after much squinting. I only wear my glasses to drive because my vision isn't that horrible for everyday walking around. I have no idea why he was just chillin' there giving me the stink eye. Maybe there was a sewer grate or something that was keeping him warm (disgusting). This might come as a surprise (or not) but I am not a cat lover in the least and I am in fact allergic to cats so my hatred for them has an actual real root.

I had to wait for a car to turn so it didn't wreck my shot of snow and lovely wrought iron fence

There aren't many posters up in the winter, it's just too damn cold out but this one was up by an ambitious promoter....a "rave party" on boxing day...missed it....pffff my raving days are over but I still do enjoy dubstep

I especially like the little monkey man on the bottom of the cute!

Shade of winter....lots of whites and browns. These little burs look wizened and cold...I was wizened and cold standing there taking a picture of them

Husbie made nomnom's BEETS the other day. He has always liked beets and I normally don't like beets but these were really good and I might be a beet convert...and fyi, beets make your poop slightly pink tinged...I know...super fun!

He also made chili! Tons of paleo/W30 recipes are tomato based so I try to limit my beef and tomato based recipes to one a week. Look at all those spices!!

This was our new years bubbly... Perrier pink grapefruit sparkling water. It smelled just like a pink grapefruit much so my mouth expected the sugary tang when I took a sip. Obviously no sugary tang but it was delicious. When I wanted to give up drinking pop over a year ago I started drinking club soda (the kind I bought was not compliant) so I like tasteless bubbly water.

I also gave away our wine glasses in my compliant clean out so we had to drink it out of plastic cups like the classy beasts that we are

Remember how I had said that I wasn't going to be able to have a BIA done? Well I was wrong and I got one done yesterday. I had to fast in the morning for it and that was awful. I woke up starving and my not eating right away in the morning messed up my eating for the rest of the day...messed up as in I ate at different times than I normally do, not eating shit but the data from the BIA is so important and I am back on track with my eating at normal times today.

Soooooo here are my results. I had my first BIA on Dec.1st and my second on Jan.1st. In one month I lost 5lbs...not too shabby....the good news.... 1lb of that was pure fat....the bad news...some of that was muscle. This is why just going off of weight is useless. Who cares if you lost weight if the weight you lost was muscle?! I also lost 2 inches off my waist, 3/4 of an inch off my bicep and a quarter inch off my thighs which I think is more of a victory than 5lbs.

I think it's mega important to have all this data for my journey because I now know that I need to increase my protein intake and really buckle down and start lifting heavier shit. I'm not getting bummed about any information from the BIA I am just using it as a marker and something to help moving in the right direction. If you are able to have BIAs done, I would HIGHLY recommend it. It is quick and painless and gives you tons and tons of great data to help you on your journey.

What I am now doing is keeping a food log, so I can accurately track my protein intake. I really really want/need to build up my lean muscle mass and the only way to do that is to eat MORE protein, not that I was lacking before but 3 extra eggs a day might be the difference between maintaining and gaining and I want to be a SHE-BEAST! All ripped like the hulk or to be "flexy" as my good friend B says... I'm flexy and I know it!!

From now on I will just put what day I am on at the bottom of my post: DAY 33/Husbie Day 32

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