Thursday, 10 January 2013

Distorted Reality

How are those new years resolutions coming? Bombed already? SHOCKING! I also want to say that you can't out exercise a shitty diet. A 20 minute run won't do crap if you make tons of sugary grain filled shit off of Pinterest (Pinterest...the bane of my exsistence). It's like 85% diet 15% exercise. Also, Pinterest would have you believe that doing 20 squats during a commercial break is going to make you look like a VS model....oh Pinterest you lying lying whore....

And Pinterest isn't the only one who is lying or giving you false ideas about what reality really is like. Check out all this bullshit that the covers of no less than 5 magazines espoused at the grocery check out...the place where you are totally captive and are basically forced to read their drivel (I think the lady behind me thought I was nuts for photographing magazine covers)

Get thin fast!! YAY....who cares about health....wanna get thin fast? Try the cocaine diet

Wonder why we are thin obsessed? shit like this

Slightly less bullshitty but of course capitalizing on the the new years resoltionfails...don't buy the, Imma tell you the secret...stop eating shit and move, preferably lift heavy things

Eat Twinkies...lose weight! Sure you might lose weight (please note I have no idea what the premise of this diet is) the question should be...Is this sustainable? Is this healthy? Oh right...we don't care, we just want to be thin...AND FAST! (also note the pounds you might be dropping will probably be muscle too....HORRAY who cares about lean body mass if the numbers on the scale are smaller)

And something for the older ladies

I was almost dizzy and sick from all the bullshit...I had to look away. We went to the other health food store to check a few things out. I usually avoid this one, but I have no idea why....this place had tons of great stuff that I haven't seen at the other store like this weird coconut oil and ghee mix. I would be interested to see what the flavour is like. I do not cook with coconut oil, I think it's disgusting. I made eggs with coconut oil once and almost puked....fucking gross. I would have to know what this tastes like before I committed to buying a massive container of it.

Fresh-a-licious tomatoes....except tomatoes are for wankers! I liked the color contrast of green on red

Husbie bought this chocolate bar for himself. I am proud to say that 75% of it is still in the freezer and he was satisfied with the 2 pieces he did have *misty and proud*...Also, I told you he was a mint fan

 Lipton has a few new teas in their caffeine-free herbal line...camomile tastes like pee so I grabbed the lemon ginger, summer fruits and I actually needed peppermint tea so I grabbed that one too. All are free of creepy shit like soy...I am avoiding soy like the plague. Lots of teas, especially fruit ones have soy in them.

I am *officially* on a tea buying ban from the husbie. That is 2 half shelves full of tea! That yogi brand one my mom bought for me but I don't drink it because it has stevia in it and I don't consume stevia.

Check out my new 'booch flavours! This was another unexpected lovely surprise going to the other health food store. They had SOOOOOOO MANY different flavours of GT's booch I had never seen before. The one on the left is a raspberry, lemon and something else and the opened one (with a broccoli rubber band around it because I can never open them after the initial opening) is a green 'booch with spirulina, blue-gree algae and other stuff in it. Gingerberry is still my #1 love but the green one isn't too bad. I will fully admit that I am addicted to kombucha. I love it!

Speaking of the booch...Harold is still doing his thing. I checked out the top of the tea and there isn't anything growing on the top yet (Harold is supposed to grow a baby, but there is no sign of a Harold fetus yet). I haven't talked to my mom in a few days so I have no idea what Agnes is up to...if she has grown a baby yet or what. I am going to test out Harold brew on Saturday, that will be 7 days since I started it (you test to see if all the sugar has been eaten up). I also think that GT's is made with green tea not, black based on the color of it so my next batch will be made with green tea. I sniffed the container and it certainly smells like kombucha. Oh and Harold is a semi-floater...he likes to hang out near the top. Mom says Agnes is a sinker. According to booch sites....either is perfectly acceptable.

Now for some random pictures of things. I always keep the baby camera in my coat pocket so I can snap away. This was on max zoom because I couldn't read what it said. Someone loves the democratic process and wants you to (FTR...I am a voter)

I am obsessed with rainbow anything lately and had I not stopped storing food in plastic I totally would have picked these up....LOVE THE RAINBOW!

Unrelated but...I had to do my high heel test for the hair show the other day. I was kinda confused as to what it was going to be all about until I got there and I was told I was going to have to model walk for a bunch of gay men. All the other chicks were dressed up "bar ready" and I was in jeans and a short sleeve hoodie (I swear the email only said bring heels, not dress to the 9s). I had just finished at the gym and my hair was up in a sweaty top knot. So I strutted my stuff (in retrospect I should have kept my head up more but whatevs) and blew them a kiss...obvs not to seduce them but show them I am just fun and playful.

And now I will leave you with this inspirational love that was posted at's alllllll about the passion...passionate miles lover, passionate miles.

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