Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Primal me this...

Not much doing here. I am still recouping from the flu/sickness so I haven't been working out or going to yoga. The evil meanie in my head is saying lots of bad and negative things and trying to convince me that I have undone months of hard work in just a few days. I try not to listen to that bastard because he's wrong. A.C & T.M are awesome supportive friends who reassure me that I have not turned into a swill consuming pile of jelly and that I need to take the time to rest and not overdo it. The gym/pool/yoga will be there when I am 100% well and rushing back into something when I am not well isn't going to do me any good. Do y'all struggle with this? Do you have an evil demon in your head who tries to tell you lies and may even succeed in convincing you of them? I think we all do to an extent, women especially. I have been eating as clean as clean can be...strict paleo, no shit...lots of green veggies and I have actually been eating more fruit which I am normally against since I think that it only perpetuates the sugar dragon but I had an orange the other day (a real one, not a mandarin) and let me tell you...IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD (I think I need to get out more)

We got 6 dozen farm eggs from a contact of Indiana's...this picture sucks balls but the eggs are a light brown almost pinkish color. They are so tiny and lovely. My crappy city just recently basically squashed the allowing of people to have hens inside the city which would have meant TONS of lovely eggs for me. I swear we are one of the most backwards cities.

I took this picture for my Mama. We went to a meat store that is also a small grocery store and they sell this cake. This cake is somewhat of a local tradition. I personally hate it (even before I stopped eating cake). It has this gross shortbread layer bottom on the cake. I hate shortbread! It goes all pasty in your mouth *gag* but my mom loves it and I don't know if you can get the cake outside of the city.

This is more my deliciousness....MEATS! Now granted this meat isn't uber clean meat but they have tons and tons of fresh cuts and they always have weird things...this is the store where I buy my chicken feet and beef heart since most places it's hit or miss whether they have it or not. I can buy a whole pig's head here for $6! I really want to make head cheese or the fancier name "terrine" but my husband has forbid a whole pig's head from being bought. He is such an unadventerous shit on a blanket. They also have pork buttons which totally brings me back to my childhood. My mom made sweet and sour pork buttons and I remember eating the meat and spitting the little chunk of bone into a bowl. I have no idea what part of the pig pork buttons are but the name is just sooooo cute! I wonder if I could recreate her recipe paleo style since I am sure her recipe had an assload of sugar and probably corn syrup (blech!)

We went to the hippe food store and I saw these. I got all excited at the word "primal" until I saw the horrible words underneath "meatless vegan jerky soy" BARF BARF BARF! Soy is deeeeeskusting and this stuff is made with hydrolyzed soy protein which is really just an industrial waste product of soybean oil HERE and HERE for 2 great articles on the disgustingness that is soy...all those carb and soy guzzling vegetarians who thinks they are so health....ick! Primal you are NOT creepy soy food-like product!

These strange looking plant materials were at the chain grocery store, the same one with the pickled ducks eggs and weird produce. I picked it up, it was heavy....there was no signage and I wondered aloud what is was. I didn't think it was bamboo but that was the only thing my brain could recognize it as. Turns out, according to the nice Philipino woman beside it is sugar cane...totally in the raw, legit sugar cane. I have absolutely no idea how one would use it or cook with it aside from whacking someone up side the head with was really heavy.

I bought this magnesium supplement on the advice of a forum. I have mentioned before that most people are magnesium deficient but the reason I bought it was apparently it can act as as sleep aid. Not like a knock you out farmer's cuticles like Ambien or some shit but rather it naturally makes you drowsy. I have some troubles sleeping and staying asleep. My whole life ever since I was little I would wake up every hour....not for very long but still...I don't think I am getting the kind of sleep I should be having. I only sleep like the dead when I swim hard for an hour and a half before bed...not really a practical sleep aid. So I bought it and tested it out last night and WOW! I had an amazing sleep. Husbie said I didn't even move when he came to bed (he says up playing video games). I even woke up in the middle of the night to deal with a beast and I was worried I was going to have trouble falling back asleep but that was unfounded. No one is paying me to say this but this seems to work for me. I bought the unflavoured stuff since the flavoured ones had stevia and other shit in it that I avoid like the plague. Dosage is 1-2 tsp in hot water then topped up with cold water. I did 1 tsp. It taste like medicine-y ass...almost a cocaine after taste crushed up asprin but I just chugged back the glass about 30 minutes before I took myself to bed (at 8:30pm since I am a recovering sickie and I'm old). I woke up feeling great. If you have sleep issues like lots of people I know do have....this might be worth a shot.

My booch NEEDS to be bottled before it turns to vinegar but I am stalling on it.. Mom has already bottled Agnes' brew and has started her second ferment...I am falling behind!


  1. i'm with ya on the soy avoidances.. dangers of soy!! alarm! Fermented soy seems to be ok in moderation so i won't give up my tempeh yet.. but surely, to be aware.
    hope you are feeling better asap! ignore your nasty head games and rest up so you can get healthy and back at er.


    I thought of you when I watched this.