Friday, 4 January 2013

River Skatin'

So I didn't tell y'all this but I lost my gangsta scarf at yoga the other night. I was mega upset and bawled like a little bitch when I realized it was gone. I called the studio when I got home and one of the instructors said she would take a good look for it for me and if she found it she would stash it away in her office for me. I mourned the loss of my precious scarf all night. I took to the bed and moped and went to bed without eating (when I get upset I usually don't want to eat). Let me tell you why the scarf was so precious. Husbie, and I and K.P and some other peeps all went to Vegas for my champagne birthday (champagne birthday is the year you turn the same age as your birthdate...mine was the 25th). We only went for 46 hours or something insane like that. No one slept, all we did was party (Scores anyone?) and the scarf was one of only 2 things I bought whilst shopping the circular mall heavily intoxicated on Fat Tuesday's delicious boozy slushie concoctions (the other thing I bought was a pair of Baby Phat high heels that I adore as well). The scarf wasn't name brand or anything but I had been wanting a shemag (arab style) scarf for awhile and this one was totally perfect. It's a heavy weight cotton and just cool looking. So when I realized it was gone I was waaaaay more upset over a piece of cloth than I should have been.

I went to a new restorative yoga class last night, similar to Yin with the lovely Leslee and when the instructor I spoke with the day before about the scarf saw me walk in she lit up, pointed at me and scuttled to her office. IT WAS FOUND!!! I sobbed again, this time tears of happiness and gave her and big hug and explained why the scarf was so important to me. She nodded and smiled. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and smooched my scarf...Life was good.

Husbie and I went skating on the river yesterday! I haven't done this in a long time and lots of people are big vaginas about stuff like (Mama, I'm looking at you...with love of course). The city controls it so they would never let people out on the river much less plow it and flood certain spots without it being good to go. It's been minus a billion here for over a month, I bet the ice is over a foot thick. I have skates but Husbie doesn't, no matter. He took my skates to get sharpened the other day *mushmush* what a lover! He just wore his big ass boots and maned the beasts. We went all the way down to the Forks, along the same path that I ride my bike in the summer. There were tons of people out and about enjoying the river skating.

Check out how someone disposed of their real Christmas tree....keep it klassy!

This must have been added when the made they bridge bigger. I don't go down here much so I never saw it, but the transients like to sleep under the bridge in the summer and fall so I assume that this is a preventative hobo measure, it also will probably stop some of the graffiti too (which I could care less about)

Graffiti man! This is right in the middle of the river, it's old so it must have been done some winters ago

On the open river! PANIC

Just to freak my mom out...this was over 50 yards away from the path and this was on max zoom on the baby camera

SKATIN'! My skates are old and shit but they still fit and some skates are better than no skates! Excuse the tabs on the sleeves of my coat

Crap scooter frozen in the ice...Ooo so arty

Under a the spring at this spot we would be up to 15 feet under water

Wintery lovely-ness and I love how industrial the train bridge looks. The bike/foot path runs along the tree line/shore

In front of Forks they have a big rink with hockey nets set up for anyone to play a pick up game

Happy skating peeps

Parts of the river were not open to skate on, husbie said these were iceberg tombstones

The baby cam failed to accurately capture the soft pink in the fading evening sky

Look at my handsome old thing! That is his new Volcom shirt that we got from the thrift store when I got my Apple Bottom jeans. I love a burly beard and a plaid shirt....swoon!

What the?

 Haha what a hotty goofball!

BISON PEPPERETTES! So freaking delicious! I ate 2 and enjoyed every fucking bite..nomnomnom! A pepperette is like a slim jim but less fucking disgusting and more locally made delicious. I also NEED to change that polish a.s.a.p.

The tree and all the other decorations came down on the 27th but apparently I forgot my door decoration, a nice non-denominational snowflake

Check out the Chinese New Year decorations!

It is the year of the snake this year! Hissssssss

So then this happened. I was personjacked into going here against my will. We spent a good deal of time searching for an appropriate container to make my 'booch in and this was husbie's idea not mine. We actually scored a really good parking spot.

I lasted 10 minutes before I flipped my shit and we left. I officially hate Ikea and have no desire to ever go back for shit furniture, gross meatballs or whatever other crap they have to offer.

I bought MOAR 'booch since 1. I need the bottles for when I make my own and 2. I haven't made my own yet. My SCOBY is sleeping in my fridge. This flavor is not horrible but certainly not my fav. Gingerberry is my fav.

This is the container that I ended up with for my 'booch (not bought at Ikea) It's 4 quarts/1 gallon which is the perfect size. I wanted something with a spigot at the bottom but that was proving to be too challenging a find in January when no one is thinking about iced tea and lemonade and the container needs to be glass. So this will have to do!

 Here is my precious gift SCOBY. Thanks again're the bees knees biotch!

BE WARNED...You might think it's gross looking but I don't give a squirt what you think. Look at him sleeping peacefully. Rest my precious...soon we will do the fermented tango!

Topless cooking!! Sessy! Poultry bone broth simmering away in the crockpot. Make sure you only let your poultry broth go for 24 hours so as not to compromise the fats that are high in PUFAs (which I pronounce "pouffas"). That is also a vintage pink Pyrex dish. About 3 years ago I went on a HUGE vintage Pyrex kick. The pink is actually quiet rare. I have lots of bowls, none of the patterns match and I have one fridge container which most people think is a butter dish...I actually used it as butter dish in the past and now it is the cooked sweet potatoes dish, but I digress.

Mmmmmm beets! Who knew I would love beets? I love every single paleo thing he has made. Roasted beets with garlic and rosemary!

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