Monday, 7 January 2013

Mishity Mashity

What is up peoples? Are you watching Biggest Loser? A.C and I are! We love us some yelling, non-coddling of fat people approach....LOVE IT! Coddling got people to where they are now and JM isn't about to feed into the cycle. I am holding my breath waiting to be horrified at the CW (conventional "wisdom") nutritional advice they give to the contestants...low card, low fat blahblahblah but I am excited to see Bob get all CrossFit on everyone's ass! I love his elliptical machine FAIL shirt.

Speaking of the elliptical...have y'all been to the gym or yoga lately....FUCKING PACKED! So stupid. I can't wait until people give up on wanting to be skinny and go back to doing whatever the hell they do so I can lay my arms out in savasana again. There was like 70 people in my hatha class last night, insanely packed and don't get me start on Barre. I love that class because I pound it out like champ and some chicks looks like they are dying lifting the 3lb balls. Check out my baby muscles (and my lulu yoga tank top...aaaaand dirty mirror) I am starting to look more buffy and sinewy! p.s...that is the no limits tank and looooove it. I am going to do a "best of lulu" post soon.

Anyways...Update on Harold and Agnes. Mom said Agnes spent her whole first night farting up a storm (eating the sugar and "farting" out C02). I listened to Harold and he didn't appear to be making any noise but he is happily hanging out in the hall closet with the door open, doing the fermented tango with himself. I will test him out on Saturday to see if enough of the sugar has been eaten so I can bottle it and begin my second ferment...but for now....patience. Harold sleeping in the closet.

Husbie and I went sledding at the tourist trap that is the Forks. Lots of yucky food to take pictures of. FRIED THINGS at the Sri Lankan restaurant

Sugared things at the fudge shack. I have never like candy apples, but I used to eat fudge

Colorful non-edible woven knitted ponchos

My handsome old thing. He FINALLY bought a new winter coat! He had been wearing the same one since high school and ever year he said he would buy a new one and he never did but we went to the Sporting goods store and they had nice winter coats on for half price. He tried on coats for an hour (and left his phone at the store!!) and came away with this gem. I have always wanted to see him in a coat with a fur hood but that's not his style, although I did make him try on the $500+ North Face coat with a fur hood.

Male model material....ONE LOOK!

Check out the fat tires! I have seen lots of people winter riding with these crazy big oversized tires, I am pretty sure it's for extra grip on the snow.

A jaunty happy snowman

It was cold...I needed a tea...and Uggs are slippery as shit. I had a hard time getting up the hill. I was sliding all over the place and fell on my butt a few times.

Doesn't it look like he is floating in mid air? I don't know why he was scooting down like this. I went down and asked for a push and I promptly bailed and got snow all in the pocket that was holding the camera....smooth move!

And in boring news...It has officially been 1 year since I have colored my hair. I colored it January.6th of last year before we went to Colorado. I went back to blonde because in my head I just see myself as a blonde. I hate the roots and come July I thought I should color it but then I decided to see just how long my hair could grow in one full year.....drumroll......5.5 INCHES! IN ONE YEAR! Holy poopers! That seems like a lot. It almost doubled the length of my hair. Now I am going to be in the charity hair show and I am sooooo excited. I have done about 6 or 7 hair shows in the past and it's always fun. I have to go do a high heel test tonight. I have to bring heels to the salon and do a walk in them. I assume it's to make sure that I don't fall on my ass on stage making a mockery of their show. No problem... I am a pro heel walker!

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