Thursday, 3 January 2013

Over it

Without going into tons of detail I want to officially announce the end to my Whole30/100. No, I did not face plant in a pile of cookies or even "accidentally" consume any non-compliants. This is a completely conscious decision on the part of myself. Based on some recent information I cannot in good conscious get behind a program that condones mediocrity and wishywashyness of any kind. I have a deep respect for commitment. Mean what you say, say what you mean and stand behind that statement.

I will continue to eat super clean and paleo like I have been doing because I feel best when doing it but I am pulling out the locally made bison pepperettes from my freezer than I stashed over a month ago because they have a tiny amount potato starch in them. I will be buying my fish oil pills again and not worrying that they have gelatin and glycerine in them and killing myself trying to find special stuff. I will drink a David's Tea that might not have compliants in it. I am going to make yummy yummo RAW BALLZ with vanilla extract.

You will not hear me mention Whole30 again or compliant or anything else like that again. I will simply be referring to things as paleo or primal which is a much larger umbrella. Please know this is my personal decision based on where my morals lie and I REFUSE to divulge any further. I made it to Day 34 and I ate my normal paleo breakfast thing morning as usual and it was super yummy. I am still upping my protein to up my lean muscle mass. I still have all the same health and fitness goals as I did 2 days ago aside from completing 100 days

In happy news....K.P gifted me a super special gift...A SCOBY! A SCOBY is a symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast. It's used to make your own kombucha. I was going to grow my own from a store bought bottle of 'booch but I was surprised out of the blue by K.P (I love K.P so much and maybe one day you will hear the story of how we met). So thanks K.P you rule and I am doing all my reading today so I can start my own home brew tomorrow...I am waaaay more excited than I should be about bacteria.

Keep on keepin' on paleo peeps!!

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  1. Hi,

    I am wondering if you would share more with me about what has happened, as I haven't started Whole30 yet as I am still waiting to hear from my insurance provider.