Monday, 21 January 2013

Feed your llama here!

Some of my baddest bitches brought some juicilicious drama to my attenshunz this morning. I know I said I wasn't going to mention the "program whose name shant be mentioned" again but this dramz was just too good to pass up sharing with you ESPECIALLY since it quite closely paralleled my own experience with the co-founder of "the program whose name shant be mentioned". The co-founder was being harsh with the blogger, the very same thing she accused me of being on the forums at the beginning of the January which was part of my decision to abandon "the program whose name shant be mentioned"...THE IRONING IS DELICIOUS!

So apparently the co-founder snarked off at blogger and then there was an ensuing internet squabble (really...who doesn't love a good internet squabble?). I was preoccupied yesterday so I missed the goings down IRL but the blogger who was sassed by the co-founder posted it all on her blog for the whole interwebz to see and I am TOTALLY glad she did. Said co-founder blamed her snarkiness on being with fetus...*insert eye roll*

Her is the link to her blog, please go read it, read the comments and decide for yourself.


I won't tell you to check out the Facebook page for the "program whose name shant be mentioned" because they really don't need anymore hits or attention but there is a half arsed apology.

I realize this is all terribly boring for most of you but it was quite the buzz this a.m among some of my peeps. I will be back to my regularly scheduled blabbing on irresponsibly about things tomorrow possibly even with charts and diagrams if you are lucky!'s been minus a billion here (-44) and I might have frozen my ladyballs off.

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