Monday, 20 August 2012

The Reclusive Exhibitionist

That's me, the reclusive exhibitionist. I oscillate between the two. I am aware that I might be schizophrenic, it's on the list of things to talk to the good doctor about (on Saturday...ahhh!). K.P and I went to some weird home decorating store totally a foreign experience for me. I buy 85% of all my things at the thrift store or the grocery store (it has a huge other sections like house stuff and electronics). All the things at this place boggled my non-driving and shopping self (I had to drive to this place in a large cluster fuck outdoor mall kinda thing).

This is retro replica fan was really cute. They had a few other styles, apparently retro fans are so hot right now.

Ceramic Pinchy! I actually wanted to buy this.

Weird modern stuff

I loved this duvet cover! Husbie is lucky that they didn't have any in king size or it would have been coming home with me! I think the Olympics really gave me Brit our old duvet cover is nasty and this one is manly (ladies, don't make your man sleep on pink sheets, manly up your boudoir!)

Then I was bad and neglected my cameras, only one or two shots over the course of a whole week! That is almost unheard of, also my ankle is healing much much slower than I had assume it would. A swim in the pool proved that it is no where near healed despite the fact that I can walk. But I did walk and I took the big mama jama out for some air. Poor neglected camera.

Random and look at his tunnels

Slutwalk poster....unfamiliar with the Slutwalk? Google my friend, the all mighty Google.

3 times a charm taken totally blind whilst squatting down

Arty spilled blueberries. I am sure the squirrels feasted

Inappropriateness drawn on the play structure. I do NOT consider this street art, this is vandalism (I make the distinction while others just see it all as vandalism.) Whomever did this is a dick

Falling leaves and acorns...fall is on the way...and I am stoked!

Fall may be on the way but the flowers, shrubs and assorted plants are all still lovely

"Unda da seeeeeee"

The completely random contents of my purses as I cleaned it out before a night time walk with K.P and Miss Em...need room for hobo burrs ya know! Starting at the 12 o'clock position: old napkin, insert from the tensor bandage box, keys, black hair tie, tin of quarter full Altoids, post-it notes, small pad of paper, 2 pens, 1 very old piece of gum still in the wrapper, my vision glasses, more post-it notes, another pen, a tampon, wallet, baby camera case (it is never in that case), cell phone, massage therapist card (go see Susan, she's rad!), benefits card, baby camera, another hair tie and the fabric case for my sunglasses. Not shown: half a pound of crumbs in the bottom of the purse.

Out and about with the ladies, hobo beers in tow. The demo sign has gone up on what will soon be the old Movie Village building. Apparently the Shoppers that they are building is going to be the best on in Canada. As long as they make the post office bigger I don't give a rats ass what they do with the rest of it since the post office is the only reason I go into Shoppers.

Dudes obviously taking a quick break from whatever wedding they were enlisted in

Dreamy boy photographer taking a picture of something. I only had the baby camera with me so I couldn't spy that well but I was envious of his tripod.

Pole graf with biker in red in the background. Take pictures before we lost the good light was the main focus

A gorgeous night on the river bank in soft pinks and blues

"I said chug-a-lug and a-lug you shall chug!"

My girls, so pretty! All blue eyes, nice teeth and dangly earrings.

AA even wants your dog to be a sad hipster


We had to pee so we snuck downstairs of a very very familiar old haunt of ours...trippy black lights!

Do you remember the first one of these that I photographed? In the ladies room of another pub. Always the same style and a similar message. I like these a lot "Eye really yam so sorry". What is the person apologizing for? Why leave it in women's washrooms? I am so curious.

After the pee break we hit up what is now being called "The Free Back Lane Dance Party". That same club Miss Em and I went to when we walked last. There was even the perfect little "table" for our purses and drinks. My purse had 3 hobo beers and hoodie in it. It is deceptively large. Check out the KUSH!

The same young sweetie dj as last time. He spied us right away and turned a speaker in our direction so we had the beats pumpin'. Great mix of current stuff and mid 90s stuff. Those suckers who pay to get in the club are fools! It's all about the free back lane dance party.

A picture of the drinks...

But Miss Em did not approve of the placement of everything...

"We are all thinking critically now!"

Showing off more of her strength moves as the last of the daylight faded away


Lonewolf on the back of the vendor door


I was totally rushed into this picture as they had already pushed the crosswalk button and we were holding up midnight traffic through the Village which is surprisingly heavy

I stole this picture from K.P (photo credit!) because my battery was dying and I was in the need of a good swinging to relax. I decided to show off my upside down moves. If this was a sport, I would so dominate. I will officially consider myself old when I cannot do this any more.

K.P found a washroom key and Miss Em was making short work of her disguised vodka beverage. It was late and we ambled home I'm sure giggling and cackling all the way. I will desperately miss these walks come winter time. I am already kinda stressing about it.

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  1. Baileys & coffee!! Hot shots to keep the cam warm. YOU.CAN.DO IT!!

    Me? I'll be inside...I aint no fool!