Sunday, 5 August 2012

Memoirs of Saturday

K.P and I had the idea that we might hit up some garage sales. Well the weather was less than cooperative and there was only one that we could find to check out but it had all the goods. Creeeeeepy!

Teehee we are so childish

I have a "thing" for vintage luggage especially train cases. I have more than a few. They wanted $25 for the pair, they were in good condition and the mirror wasn't broken in the train case but I still thought that was outlandish given the amount I already have. 

I also have a love for vintage cameras. This Brownie was super cute and super small and like everything else was waaaay over priced at $20. I have a Brownie wind up 8mm video camera I got at Sally Ann when I was 14 for like $3.

By the time we left the garage sale it was raining and starting to pour so we decided to hit up the year-round garage sale, the thrift store!! What a random assortment of crap

Creeeeepy airbrushed weirdness, more captivating than a velvet Elvis

Strange book

Vintage book insides, dreamy.

I found this great vintage Adidas jacket. I am fairly certain it was a judge or a line person's jacket because it was so fancy and official looking...but sadly it was a men's large and would have looked great on the husbie. K.P is a petite woman thus was swimming in the coat.

This wasn't a pin, it was like a jean rivet permanently attached to the coat

The bad ass embroidered label on the inside of the coat. I was very very sad to leave this beauty behind. I think it would have looked fantastic on my broad husband.

These were very obviously cross dresser tranny shoes. They were a size 12 wide with a moderate heel and a brand I have never heard of. I have always wondered where they get their shoes from, guys have such big feet.

The thrift store prevents crap from going into the dump and they send stuff overseas.

Kitty cat from my childhood that I gave to K.P long ago. He lives in her hallway in a tiny cigar box from the Dominican.

The thrift store haul. Nothing crazy but I was pleased with the scores. Super cute loafer-y style shoes.

A sweet G-Unit purse that was in like new condition. It looked like someone just cut the tags off of it and let it sit. The hard wear was pristine and not scuffed and the inside was perfectly clean....score! It says hug a thug and yayo on it!!

I like "urban wear" brand purses...behold left to right Baby Phat, Apple Bottom and G-Unit

Pocket details.


Alright enough about purses. While I was putting away the groceries I found the 2 bags of spicy and spicier Doritios the husbie bought me awhile ago. So we opened the second degree burn ones. Remember he doesn't like spice at all. This was the second level bag which was a bufflo wing flavour. He said that it tasted the way that Frank's smells.



"My eye, it's watering!" Bahahaha

We headed out for a walk when the rain cleared in the afternoon. The clouds were crazy. All these were taken on the big mama jama.

Hispster man on a cruiser bike, not wearing a helmet and I am not surprised. It bothers me when mean wear loafers and no socks. They make tiny little ankle socks for a reason boys.


Weird mash up bike with an old seat and newish handlbars.

Teehee...This store always has the strangest Threadless style shirts.



The community garden is is full bloom! You can apply to get a small chunk of land to grow veggies or flowers.

I spy 'maters!

I can't see these kind of vans and not not think of treeplanting.

The fireworks store even loves CRJ!


I wore my glasses today. I never wear my glasses because I think that I don't look as pretty in them. Fear busting!

Sewing machine in the garden.

This is a condemed hoarder house. I think they people are still living on the property out back in a trailer. This is happening in a very lovely neighbourhood. Ugh, this kinda crap terrifies me to buy a house.

Cardboard drawing wrapped around a pole

Shenans and he is wearing some skinny jeans (skinny for him)

Crab apple tree. I admit that I took 2 and ate them and they were delicious.

BUNNY! I have never seen this sweetie anywhere but on the yellow box with the sword. He is so cute and I would love to see more of him.

 Smiley garbage

More NUM on metal

Sweet little fire escape. Each floor had flowers.

Back lane tomatoes! Things are going to be very tasty in about 2 weeks.

I tried a redemption shot with the orange berries, it did not work. I might have to give up.

Mossy roof and blue sky. I didn't think was a great shot when I look at the quick replay but when I uploaded it and saw it big I was really impressed with it.

I have no idea what this "holiday" wreath was doing on the parking sign

Do y'all remember me telling you about the weird Sunday shopping laws here? Well as of today they are obsolete! We can now shop before noon on Sunday...huzzah for us being like most of the rest of the world. I am still working on my monthly fear challenge. I wore my glasses AND drove today. 2 things I rarely do. I don't wear my glasses because I think that I don't look as pretty in them (so dumb, I know!) and I never drive anymore but I the rain...AND I reversed out of a parking lot. AHHHHH!

I also rolled my ankle pretty bad right at the end of our walk. I stepped off the curb and stepped into a pot hole and lost my footing. I had the camera in my hand so it was a no brainer to let my knee, elbow and mainly my ankle take the fall. So if you are keeping track I broke my pinkie toe in Colorado in January, I am sure that I broke my other toe 2 weeks ago when I dropped a bowl on and now I have rolled my ankle. All of this is on my left foot. Klutzy much?

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