Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Demo day 2

I am pretty sure that this is the breakfast of champions. Coffee and Folkfest cookies from the hippie bakery. This mug is supposed to be a travel mug but it has one of those silicone lids. It doesn't fit worth a shit and spills everywhere so it became my at home travel mug. I love the vintage 70s cafeteria feel to it...and it holds like 17ozs

Gorgeous morning and a dusty Village from the construction

The death of Vi-Ann continues. I headed out to see if they had started to demo the Movie Village building yet. They were loading chunk of the building into the demo bin.

I'll give them credit, this is the neatest demo I have ever seen and it is taking place in a very very small space. So small it's only 1 machine operator and a few guys on the ground sweeping up stuff as it falls on the sidewalk. Such a tiny area to work in. The road is where I am standing, Move Village to left, Shopper to the right and straight in front is a massive awkward parking lot for the whole big mess. The side walk has been usable granted I haven't walked the parking lot but I think that the demo is going well.

Whenever I stop to take pictures I am not the only one who is doing so. I bet the machine operator feels like a movie star. The freaking news was out too. A better shot of the tiny space that he has to work in. I bet these guys are being watched like hawks from a bunch of different people. This is a very very public demo.

Unrelated construction related construction kinda thing...the bridge crew stashes their lunches in the bushes. It's cute to see all these lunch pails hanging out in the shade.

Husbie and I headed out for an evening of a movie in the park. The downtown biz sets up a giant inflatable outdoor movie screen every Tuesday in August and plays an old movie. Wizard of Oz was the only one I wanted to go see. So we packed a blanket and headed out. These are the results of leaving the camera in the hands of the husbie. If you know him you are not surprised by this first shot. I thought he was getting my face as well until I saw his devilish grin.

Leaves...he doesn't tend to spend a lot of time on composition, he just snaps away randomly. Thank god for 32G memory cards.

A random lady, she must have been sweating as it was pretty hot last night. The flowers in the background a very lovely

He bounced the flash off of his sunglasses and we originally thought that the light effect on the top right was from that but now I think it is just one of those sun beam lights that randomly happen.

More flowers

A shrubery. He likes to take pictures of things like plants and buildings

I thought these next 3 shots were super cool, the light looked amazing and I very impressed until...

I grabbed the camera to take the bottom shot and realized there was a MASSIVE greasy finger print on the lens that was distorting the light and making it really cool. Sorry husbie, but good shots anyways!

The Pacman on a picnic bench was my last for night. I kinda zoned out at the movie people watching, watching them inflate the giant screen etc so I might have neglected the camera...what is wrong with me?! But the Wizard of Oz, on the big screen, outside on a gorgeous night in August was very lovely. Grease is next week and I am debating on going. I am bigger Oz fan than Grease but I know all the words to all the songs (and most of the movie) and I think that more people will dress up for that one (they encourage costumes)

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