Monday, 6 August 2012

Night time strollin'

Have y'all seen this? Iced tea beer. A co-worker of husbie's tried it and said it was good. He lied. It's awful. I don't drink regular beer let alone light beer, it tastes so pissy and gross...which just reminded me of a joke husband told me. Why is American beer like having sex in a canoe? Because it's fucking close to water....BAHAHAHA. If you like light beer you might like this. I am so glad we only bought a 4 pack (they are also stupidly expensive).

I have been resting and icing my stupid ankle. It frickin' sucks since I wanted to be out doing fun things this long weekend like riding my bike. I settled for a nice night time stroll with Miss Em. We finally got a chance to discuss smart things, the housewife book, class warfare and other random things. It was fantastic.

KUSH! I have never seen the bottom one before.

As we were walking we could hear some very very loud music so we followed the sounds until we happened upon some random club.

It had a "dj" playing music for an empty patio and a backlane. We enjoyed the free beats as we danced along continuing our walk. He gave us a shout out on the mic and called us "street dancers".

Mobile beverage, notice that is a real beer at 6% no light beer 4.6% nonsense

This guy is awesome. He is from last fall and this is only one that remains as far as I can tell. He's so cute!

Baby kitty running away from us

We snuck up on the porch of a business that is in an old house. It was closed. We were quiet and respectful as we snapped some pictures. Miss Em brought her camera along too. The Lady Bikers are also all Canon Ladies as well. Dusty old stained glass that was cracked and concave.

A moth that I may or may not have screamed and when I saw it which is dumb because I am not afraid of moths or most bugs really. He just startled me is. Hello Mothman.

Probably why he was hanging out so close. Oooooo purdy light. His friend on the left is entranced.

Miss Em doing some night time photography. I love a red door on an old white house.

More massive broken trees in the park. The city  is nowhere near close to having all the fallen trees cleaned up from that storm a week ago. I have no idea why there was a plate and cup on the group next to fallen tree.

Curb art in marker I think but I wasn't too sure. Notice my wrapped bum foot. We walked just very very slowly and my hams and calves are sore from limping and using other muscles to compensate for favoring the bad ankle.

I kicked this for a block until I could get it under a street lamp to take a picture of it. Apparently they are still making Four Lokos but they are not the same as they used to be. I drank some in Colorado, they weren't that good.

I think this might be one of the biggest, healthiest plants I have ever seen in real life. It was fucking huge. I totally got a Little Shop of Horrors vibe when I saw it although it took me a few moments to remember the name of the movie. Me to Miss Em "you know the show with the big plant!!" FEED ME SEYMOUR!

For husbie

Lonewolf, a 5 part sticker that has been up for at least a month is my guess

Still fear busting.  I will be doing a big recap at the end of the month with all of my daily fear challenges big and small. Here is a terribly blurry picture (note to self: stop taking pictures in the moving elevator) I took of myself the other day when I wore my glasses. Glasses are D&G and were covered by our sweet benefits plan. I get new glasses every 2 years so next spring I am going to get something insane and very not me.

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