Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day date and a challenge!

This has been the looooongest week eva! I have been a day ahead all week and it has been exhausting. Never mind that, check out my new gold Nelly Furtado hoops.  I haven't owned gold hoops since I owned real gold hoops when I was like 9 years old. I am now also debating not coloring my hair until a year passes because I am curious as to how long it will actually grow in a year. My stylist is going to keeeeeel me, love you Amy!

I tried on those boots that I took from the pile of crap on the boulevard. They look cute with my jeggings and are a dressy alternative to my Uggs which are basically my winter flip flops. I have not had a full length mirror for about 3 months since beasts broke it.

I stole this picture from K.P. This is Miss Em and I posing in the line up of drunk fools on the Check Stop truck. I am NOT the impaired driver, just the impaired walker!

Speaking of Miss Em, we headed out today for some free afternoon adventures. I passed this sweet food truck. It is Philipino food! GAH! So good. My city has a huge Philipino population. Check out their sweeet truck. PIMP MY RICE! The banana is wearing a fucking Journey shirt. Best believe there was a line for this shit!!

The delicious menu, of course the pancit was sold out. I will be eating this food very very soon and I really like how they had to dumb it down for the whites (but some of us are in the know! Maples represent!)

Painted blocks. These look to be pretty old.

Folkorama signage! MOAR delicious ethnic food. The Brasil Carnival one is yum and I want to go to the Afro-Caribbean one to feast. Don't know squat about Folklorama? HERE!

Lonely old bike lock up

Another farm life

How peculiar an octopus and a pheasant.

Orange moustachie

Pink moustachie

Small KUSH that appears to be rather old. Wheat paste is a bitch, I'm tellin' ya.

MR.GARBAGE...he's big, don't mess around.

Vegetable bread pudding from the crunchy delicious bakery that makes the FolkFest cookies. I was the only one in our group who apparently liked it. I promise that it was much tastier than it looked.

This was some kind of vegan green bean chowder which looked and tasted nothing like a chowder but was popular despite us thinking it wasn't going to be. I also consumed a vegan spelt morning glory muffin. I don't go out of my way to eat vegan food but I find it to be yummy and this bakery is local and awesome.

Fake beads in the fake fur trader's shop.

Apparently all I need to acquire is 6 beaver pelts then I can get that Hudson's Bay blanket I have always wanted. I am hoping 6 beaver pelts is easier to find than $500 damn you gorgeous iconic blankets and my serious want for one.

I scaled a large fake log thingy at the park. It was a little frightening given the height and the lack of real hand holds (it had notches) but fun. It was also waaaay easier to climb it barefoot than in flip flops. I am glad my climbing skills are still intact but I am even more impressed I scaled it with my camera/camera strap in my teeth although I am just now noticing my camera strap in the shot. I was 7 feet off the ground, that bitch was tall! Also notice I may have scraped my legs a little getting up. 

Interestingly enough I cruised over to one of my favorurite websites and Angela is doing an August challenge about facing fear in our everyday lives in whatever forms we personally encounter it. I don't think she is advocating going sky diving everyday or other craziness but more subtle things that might change your life. Maybe telling someone something you've been holding on to for awhile, getting the courage to get back into something you love because I think that fear and courage are two sides of the same coin. Want to join us but aren't sure? Start small, do one thing a week that scares you then tell me about it! It could be as simple as just introducing yourself to random stranger, saying hello good day and moving on. For some this is incredibly terrifying, for Miss Em this is just a regular Tuesday. Fear is different for everyone and we each encounter it in different places.

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